Easy, but I cannot guarantee a 100%
Word for the moment: Realization
Japanese Word: Ii (good - in terms of one's grades in school)

The exams is soooooooooooooooooo easy! I can get a high score from both my Science and Christian Living exams but I cannot guarantee a perfect...that means, even in my perfectionistic life, no one is ever perfect. Well, at least they rarely get perfect. The reason why I cannot get a 100% in the exams is that I didn't study...yes, mom. But I answered almost every answer and I'm hoping to get me a good grade.

But I did notice something familiar about the CL exam though. There is somewhat like a bonus answer in the final part of the Science exam...there's a puzzle-like-thingy where we have to pick the hidden words in the whirling thing of doom (I just like to say that) to answer the questions below. We also have to re-arrange the letters remaining in the whirly thing and it will form sentences. It goes something like Biology is an awesome...blah blah blah...cant' remember most of it...You and I...something...custodians of nature and God is great. The one in boldface came out of the CL exam, and the one in italics may be a forshadowing or something. Ah well.

Anyway, no goodies yet coz I need to go. Ah well.


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