New stuffs! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Word for the moment: Hello
Japanese Word: Nandemonai (It's nothing)

Today is the first day of the new Turtle Island and War of the Emperium patch for pRO. It was a long patch without the War of the Emperium CD and the download but at least it gave me time to see the new look of the International Ragnarok Online Website, which I will tell later. After a series of Failed to connect to Servers, I fought with a bunch of PecoPecos. One particularly Sonic Blowed me *Laughs insanely* while the other did something that was obviously of fire property (I'll go look into that later). Unfortunately, that only ended in about 2 minutes or so because of an emergency server maintenance. The level-up-games GMs always does that.

Meanwhile, iRO had its website updated. It looks like it was a large translation of the kRO website. Thanks to that big update, I was able to find the stats of most characters as well as the quests in order to become one. There were still typos and misinformations but that was because there is a promo to find them and get rewarded (for iRO players only). I found a lot but I won't tell. Hehehe!


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