A post-White
Word for the moment: Unexpected
Japanese Word: Daisuki (something similar to "I love you")

I expected myself to post at White Day (March 14) but my sister's using the computer that night. Also, the fricking computer also gets errors once I connect to the internet. I also expected myself to bake cookies on that day just to make my celebration of White Day complete...even though I don't have anyone to give it with...yet. I'm still looking forward to find one.

For those of you who doesn't know White Day, it is a Japan-only celebration of love. It is something like St. Valentine's Day but in Japan, Valentines is a female celebration to give chocolates, flowers, etc... White Day is exactly one month later and, this time, boys give something to the ones who they have affection with or, most especially, to the girls who gave them the gifts on Valentines. They usually give cookies, candies, or white chocolates, the counterpart of regular milk chocolates. There are rumors about the gifts being given had a meaning: Cookies means "I love you," Candies meaning "I like you," and (the most expensive and the most disturbing) White Chocolates meaning "I want to be your friend."

I was planning to bake cookies yesterday but we had visitors and my mom said we still had Caramel Butter Tarts. At least I got to eat cookies my bro-in-law's parents bought for us not to mention left up to 3 tarts in the box.

Anyway, I've got some quizzes I got from a friend's blog, Bloodriot. They're obviously not related from the subject above.

What's Your Outlook on Life?

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Which Villain Character Are You?


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