Ei! What'ya got there?
Word for the moment: Stone
Japanese Word: Gojira (Godzilla)

Ei! Long time no updates! New stuff has been going on lately, as well as some new updates in the blog. Check my sidebar for that. As for the chatterbox, I haven't checked that out yet.

First of all, my theif in Chaos server in Ragnarok is now free from the clutches of the weirdness of the Chaos server maps that disconnects people from the server. Now, I can hunt for blue herbs again, if I run out of zeny, that is. At the moment, I'm trying to get some ores so that I could forge it into an elemental Damascus, and I have high hopes for it. Then again, that could wait. I found out that I could also easily get rich in Ant Hell. Just looking at high-leveled characters killing all sorts of stuff and leaving loot on the ground answers that. I also found out that I could take on Golems already. Aside from the high defense and Hit Points of the Golem as well as the occasional Stun Attack, I could make easy leveling up with those guys. But I should hurry up before the Elder Willows and Scorpions become aggressives (Juno Patch).

Next is I went back to other online games such as Neopets and my newest game, Utopia Genesis from Swirve. Utopia Genesis is one of the 3 Utopian games of Swirve and is something like a fantasy strategy game. You can sign up, pick a race and personality, and you'll be sent into a random Kingdom in a random Island to start your own province (hope you understood that). If the website asks for a code (probably about after 12 hours after your first play), check your e-mail for the activation code. If you cannot understand what I just said, go to this site, sign up, and see what will happen.

Ah! In the real life. I have a weekday schedule for tennis in the morning. It's not fixed though. Also, I'll be out tomorrow Afternoon for Rika's debut practice and on Sunday night for the real thing. Hope that goes well so wish us luck.


Been a while
Phrase for the moment: Go figure!
Japanese Word: Honto? (Really?)

Went to the beach last Saturday...I WAS ISOLATED FROM FRIENDS! Then again, I did have a good time swimming with family. It was an overnight. We left home about 5 am and got there about 9-10 am. Going there was a great view. I just love the sights especially the seaside. The greatest view I've seen was probably Easter dawn. The sea was merging on the horizon. It was, as if the sea and sky was one...ah well. I wanted to be detailed but I'm playing Ragnarok tonight. Oh well.


Word for the moment: Dream
Japanese Word: Yame (Stop)

It’s currently 4:58 AM when I typed this. Why am I awake during this time of day? It is probably because my body clock disallowed me to venture forth of my dreams. I’m not really thinking of opening the computer though. It’s just I didn’t have much choice left now. I noticed my computer clock had the wrong time this whole year. It went into day light savings but I changed it back to the China Timeline. Also, before I typed this, I saw the moon, full…and orange. Some lunar activity must have happened…somewhere; the earth’s atmosphere reflected the light towards the moon or a lunar eclipse (which is not likely).

Anyway, I’m finishing my skill list for Ragnarok Online. If I finish, I’ll put it in gameFAQs and in pRO Players Yahoo Group. Wish me luck.