Word for the moment: Dream
Japanese Word: Yame (Stop)

It’s currently 4:58 AM when I typed this. Why am I awake during this time of day? It is probably because my body clock disallowed me to venture forth of my dreams. I’m not really thinking of opening the computer though. It’s just I didn’t have much choice left now. I noticed my computer clock had the wrong time this whole year. It went into day light savings but I changed it back to the China Timeline. Also, before I typed this, I saw the moon, full…and orange. Some lunar activity must have happened…somewhere; the earth’s atmosphere reflected the light towards the moon or a lunar eclipse (which is not likely).

Anyway, I’m finishing my skill list for Ragnarok Online. If I finish, I’ll put it in gameFAQs and in pRO Players Yahoo Group. Wish me luck.


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