Word for the moment: Cross
Japanese Phrase: Ni Juu Ichi (21)

If you're still looking for Sakuraii's Flooble, you wanna might check my temporary link back at the sidebar. It might prove very useful.

Speaking of quizzes, I forgot all about them...oh well. *post*

Faeries are sweet loving beings who love to help
people. They are not held back by reality and
love to dream and fly around. You probably are
very creative and although not the most popular
person in the world you are probably loved by
many for your sweet caring personality.

What Mythological Creature Are You (Many Results and Beautiful Pics)
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Okaay, didn't quite expected that one...

You are indeed a scary person. You kill for
sexual gratification, or in some cases you are
taking out your aggressions on innocent victims
for feeling rejected. You have thought about it
for a long time. I would most compare you to
Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacey ( my favorite
)Gacey was beaten by his father all the time,
and Bundy always felt abnormal since he
discovered his older sister was his mother.

Men women, or children which ever you
prefer, will live in fear of you. People such
as yourself may never change, but when when
caught ( which the majority are ) your foul
experience can help a great deal in catching
future serial killers, and who knows, you might
get a plea bargain. It's happened before.

Are YOU capable of murder ??
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Huh?? Sexual Gratification?

people would greive for you..and people who didnt
know you would wonder about you. you care
about people in a very unique way. not many are
like you.your quiet and have a different sense
of style. i know i would greive for you!

if you died would it cause pain and sorrow on others?
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That wasn't so bad

he was
in my eyes you have lost someone you love or wish
you loved. i think youll find the right person
one day. good luck. (rate?)

in my eyes you are...(pics and different outcomes)
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Last time i had this quiz, I had a different result. My personality changes, I guess.

You are a Beagle!!!

What Type of Dog Are You???
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Yay! A Beagle!
Just back from vacation!
Word for the moment: Cross
Japanese Phrase: Ni Juu Ichi (21)

I'm being pressured by my mom on what chores to do at the mo. Other than that, I'm back from vacation and is supposed to be currently downloading a new music from AnimeMP3s but I can't load the Wolf's Rain Page. Oh well. Also, Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction is currently on but I'm not playing it at the mo. Finally, Rika and Raziel is on YM. I could talk to them while writing!

Oh and about Sakuraii's Flooble, you can visit his at this link. I usually go to the pop-ups since my comp keeps on having errors not allowing me to write on the flooble itself. I figured this could be useful while Sakuraii's having trouble with his computer.

Meanwhile, I've been dying to say this the last 5 days. Since Monday, my dad and I went to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. It's kinda of a reunion or something. I could say, as many people would too, IT IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM MANILA! There were motorcycles everywhere, including the tricycles. Their trikes were HUGE! Normally, people in Manila would ride in a trike, 2 passengers in the body and an optional passenger just at the back of the driver. There, 4 can fit easily in the body, up to 2 can ride behind the driver, and there's even an open luggage compartment behind the body.

Besides that, there were a lot of "first times" I had there. I could list them!
It was my first time to ride an airplane
It was my first time to see Mt. Mayon (a volcano which is shaped lika a perfect cone)
It was my first time there
It was my first time to ride on a motorcycle...scooter...whatever that was...
It was my first time to row a boat
It was my first time to meet some of my fatherside cousins
It was my first time to meet other friends (I had informal tennis lessons)
...I cant really remember the others.

Anyway, other than that, there were a lot less pollution, except noise pollution (motorcycles). I could see the stars clearly especially Antares and the Scorpius Constellation. But don't think I missed what I did back here. Except a few other things, I didn't missed what I do here. I still watched cable TV though I still got disappointed to the fact that there also wasn't any Animax back at my cuz's TV. I went to Internet Cafes 3 times. I even got an episode from Gino.

For the things I missed, that would be playing and not just surfing the internet. I also missed my playlist which I updated, BTW. Then again, to replace that thought, I liked what I wrote down in the conference of Jessica/Yukio just to make her happy. And it worked too! hehehehe...


It wasn’t what I have planned it to be!!
Word for the moment: Strong
Japanese Word: Koe (Voice)

Darn you LUG for giving a 2x EXP and 3x Drop Rate at the wrong time!! I was supposed to get a month-off from playing RO!! Oh well. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab a snake card, which I still haven’t got by the way. I got myself Back Slide and 45k though.

For another story, I’m gonna make a review about Wolf’s Rain’s other song. Cloud 9 is a nice break from all those mystery in the air. If you want all about Wolf’s Rain but is tired of hearing something mysterious or tragic, this one’s for you. I’ve also got the lyrics from Anime Lyrics, whether it’s Romaji or the English Translation. Just go there to read.

Ahh! As for real life, rain, lots and lots of rain. I love it!


Wolf's Rain's Episode 25 Insert Song
Word for the moment: Review
Japanese Word: Oogami (Wolf)

Thank you Anime Mp3s and Anime Lyrics for allowing me to research one of Wolf's Rain insert song: Heaven's Not Enough. It's okay but I like another song from Wolf's Rain, Cloud 9. Here's the lyrics for those of you Wolf's Rain Fans out there. Personally, I don't really know much about Wolf's Rain much because I haven't watched it yet, but I like the songs!

Composer: Yoko Kanno Performer: Steve Conte

heaven's not enough
if when you get there..
just another blue
and heaven's not enough
you think you've found it
and it loses you

you've thought of all there is
but not enough
and it loses you in a cloud

"there" most everything is nothin'
that it seems
"where" you see the things you only wanna see

I'd fly away
to a higher plane
to say words I resist
to float away
to sigh
to breathe.... forget

and heaven's not enough
if when I'm there I don't remember you
and heaven does enough
you think you know it
and it uses you

I saw so many things
but like a dream
always losing me in a cloud

cause I couldn't cry
cause I turned away
couldn't see the score
didn't know the pain
of leaving yesterday really far behind
in another life
in another dream
by a different name
gave it all away
for a memory
and a quiet lie
and I felt the face
of a cold tonight
still don't know the score
but I know the pain
of leaving everything really far behind
and if I could cry
and if I could live what truth I did then take me there
heaven goodbye


I'm not only blog-hopping, I'm web-searching!
Word for the moment: Hunting
Japanese Word: Taiyou (Sun)

Oz World - a suitable alternative for Ragnarok Online. Today will be the last day I played RO for a while. I'm trying to take a month-off from it to make way for mp3s. I might deplete my internet again if I continue. But that doesn't stop me from getting a huge amount of info about RO. I'm an information geek.

Meanwhile, in Oz World, I am so just new. I couldn't even fish right. I'll try to get used to it. However, I'll be playing only until for 3 days then I'm back to my old self. Why? I don't have money to buy load.

MP3 is *part* of my life (I still can't die without them). Somewhere from 11:00am to 12:00pm, I played my whole playlist for nearly 4 hours. That's how long it is. Of course, I'll be bored if I just sit around listening so I played ragna again. Now, I got Ohayou (finally) and is currently downloading Wolf's Rain's Tell Me What The Rain Knows which I prefer you to read the review in Kang's MP3 Rotation site than write it down here.


Ooh! I just thought of a new philosophy. Check it out in the sidebar. I'd better go. Later!


My first double-post for the day
Word for the moment: Disconnect
Japanese Word: Hige (Whiskers)

Well I got Heaven's Not Enough from the Wolf's Rain OST 2. It's nice. I also downloaded 2 other mp3s but from a different request site. I got Tatoeba, my second D.N.Angel mp3, and I really need to memorize the name of the other one. Oh yeah! It was Kesenai Tsumi from Full Metal Alchemist! Wow! 4 downloads in one week! I'll be adding more info at the sidebar!
Back to the old summer days
Word for the moment: Wolf
Japanese Word: Kiba (Fang)

Got the Japanese name from a Wolf's Rain character. Anyways, now that my RO load has depleted, I'm back to what I do in the internet during summer - MP3 hunting! My newest is still being currently downloaded the moment I wrote this. It's Wolf's Rain OST 2 1st track, Heaven's Not Enough. I hope it's good. I also am thinking of getting my old MP3s back since it was deleted when our computer needs to be reformatted due to some sort of error.

Meanwhile, Jessica decided to have a Ficlet Apartment Episode...well at least Rika said she does. I can't contact her though because her phone was busy. It was like I'm calling Gino for a DesCha episode...


Outgoing day today!
Word for the moment: Party
Japanese Word: Kaze (Wind)

My mom had visitors this afternoon. But before that, I had sushi! Mom planned it originally for her visitors. I got 2 rolls of sushi not yet divided into pieces! At the same time, there was a Filipino-Chinese food Lumpiang's style. Her cooking is one of the minor reasons I still live under the same roof. Hey! Don't get too negative!

In the meantime, while the visitors were having a good time at home, I went to my friends. I'm getting a hang of GTA - Vice City. It was only at my neighbor when I could play such a game. 'tis quite fun though I still need driving lessons. Ahh, but before that, nothing beats a good game of gambling cards though we didn't actually use real money (we used the play money from the Jeopardy game he borrowed). I won in the end. He was still in the stage of "beginner's luck" since he's quite new to the games I taught him...all except Bluff. We had to cancel our last Bluff game though, since it was taking a long time to decide the winner.

Better go play RO now before I lose time. Gotta get stomping!


You like my new template?
Word for the moment: Control
Japanese Word: Ame (Rain)

It's raining! It's my favorite type of weather as it reminds me of warm blankets and hot chocolates. Also, for some reason, I can concentrate more with my original characters and their stories. I'd love to watch the rain all day (or all night). Today is also the National Election of the Philippine Government. It had some confusions, however, as people were not able to see their precincts and many of them were not able to vote. This is the problem when you don't organize.

Oooh! I finally met Gino in Yahoo Messenger last Saturday. I had an epi in the first time since he went to Australia. Too bad it was cut short because I depleted my internet connection. For some reason though, I do not know how I end up in usually life-threatening situations when I am not even finished with another. *Sigh*. That's probably the life of an inactive character. I'm hoping to meet him once more and a new player. The more players, the more fun. I just hope I do the right things at the right time.

In the meantime, I am back with Diablo II again. This time, I'm really hooked up to those character and item editors that I usually end up making new rare items just for myself. Drace looks cool in his outfit. He's a necromancer and originally was my first Diablo II character. I did soon promoted him as one of my original characters when I learned of DesCha. Anyways, I did wish I had the Lord of Destruction Expansion Pack to recreate my Assassin. I always had an easy time with Assassins even when not using any editors.

Utopia is still a challenge for me. I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up my 2 kingdoms in Battlefields and Genesis as most people target me for military raids, spells, and covert operations. I hope that'll change soon, otherwise, I'll restart soon.

In Ragnarok, I found myself dealing 3-digit damages to PecoPecos with my Merchant in Fenrir. And he's like only level 20! That would be special thanks to my +6 Hammer and my 20+ strength. Zeny is my real problem though, even with my merch and thief. It's harder to keep up if you want numerous items to your sleeve. In the real-life, however, the problems would be internet cards and ragna-loads.

Finally, in just my plain computer's updates, I got a new mp3. It's the first one in months now. It's Inuyasha's Every Heart. It doesn't have a good quality as my cousin has, though. However, as I like to say, better late than never, or in this case, poorer. I'd also like to get Hunter X Hunter's Pale Ale, though.


Whew! Glad that's over with!
Word for the moment: Control
Japanese Word: Sora (Sky)

Well that was a very tiring war. Oh! I'm talking about Utopia, by the way. I was forced to build legions of armies of the undead. Also, this other guy kept on bugging me the last few days by sending thieves in my province. So, I casted spells on his province. Now that the war's over, I'm taking my chance trying to regain my strength. And so, it goes on.

Meanwhile, in the Ragnarok world (well, outside of the game), I saw a very interesting thread in one of the forums of Ragnarok Headquarters. One member was asking if the Alchemists suck. I had read the whole thread and have compiled a lot of comments and suggestions. Too bad, I wasn't registered so I couldn't post anything...that is until I started writing a thread in one of Rika's groups mailing list. They seemed to be interested so I just wrote more info to feed them. I love info!