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Word for the moment: Hunting
Japanese Word: Taiyou (Sun)

Oz World - a suitable alternative for Ragnarok Online. Today will be the last day I played RO for a while. I'm trying to take a month-off from it to make way for mp3s. I might deplete my internet again if I continue. But that doesn't stop me from getting a huge amount of info about RO. I'm an information geek.

Meanwhile, in Oz World, I am so just new. I couldn't even fish right. I'll try to get used to it. However, I'll be playing only until for 3 days then I'm back to my old self. Why? I don't have money to buy load.

MP3 is *part* of my life (I still can't die without them). Somewhere from 11:00am to 12:00pm, I played my whole playlist for nearly 4 hours. That's how long it is. Of course, I'll be bored if I just sit around listening so I played ragna again. Now, I got Ohayou (finally) and is currently downloading Wolf's Rain's Tell Me What The Rain Knows which I prefer you to read the review in Kang's MP3 Rotation site than write it down here.


Ooh! I just thought of a new philosophy. Check it out in the sidebar. I'd better go. Later!


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