It wasn’t what I have planned it to be!!
Word for the moment: Strong
Japanese Word: Koe (Voice)

Darn you LUG for giving a 2x EXP and 3x Drop Rate at the wrong time!! I was supposed to get a month-off from playing RO!! Oh well. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab a snake card, which I still haven’t got by the way. I got myself Back Slide and 45k though.

For another story, I’m gonna make a review about Wolf’s Rain’s other song. Cloud 9 is a nice break from all those mystery in the air. If you want all about Wolf’s Rain but is tired of hearing something mysterious or tragic, this one’s for you. I’ve also got the lyrics from Anime Lyrics, whether it’s Romaji or the English Translation. Just go there to read.

Ahh! As for real life, rain, lots and lots of rain. I love it!


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