Just back from vacation!
Word for the moment: Cross
Japanese Phrase: Ni Juu Ichi (21)

I'm being pressured by my mom on what chores to do at the mo. Other than that, I'm back from vacation and is supposed to be currently downloading a new music from AnimeMP3s but I can't load the Wolf's Rain Page. Oh well. Also, Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction is currently on but I'm not playing it at the mo. Finally, Rika and Raziel is on YM. I could talk to them while writing!

Oh and about Sakuraii's Flooble, you can visit his at this link. I usually go to the pop-ups since my comp keeps on having errors not allowing me to write on the flooble itself. I figured this could be useful while Sakuraii's having trouble with his computer.

Meanwhile, I've been dying to say this the last 5 days. Since Monday, my dad and I went to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. It's kinda of a reunion or something. I could say, as many people would too, IT IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM MANILA! There were motorcycles everywhere, including the tricycles. Their trikes were HUGE! Normally, people in Manila would ride in a trike, 2 passengers in the body and an optional passenger just at the back of the driver. There, 4 can fit easily in the body, up to 2 can ride behind the driver, and there's even an open luggage compartment behind the body.

Besides that, there were a lot of "first times" I had there. I could list them!
It was my first time to ride an airplane
It was my first time to see Mt. Mayon (a volcano which is shaped lika a perfect cone)
It was my first time there
It was my first time to ride on a motorcycle...scooter...whatever that was...
It was my first time to row a boat
It was my first time to meet some of my fatherside cousins
It was my first time to meet other friends (I had informal tennis lessons)
...I cant really remember the others.

Anyway, other than that, there were a lot less pollution, except noise pollution (motorcycles). I could see the stars clearly especially Antares and the Scorpius Constellation. But don't think I missed what I did back here. Except a few other things, I didn't missed what I do here. I still watched cable TV though I still got disappointed to the fact that there also wasn't any Animax back at my cuz's TV. I went to Internet Cafes 3 times. I even got an episode from Gino.

For the things I missed, that would be playing and not just surfing the internet. I also missed my playlist which I updated, BTW. Then again, to replace that thought, I liked what I wrote down in the conference of Jessica/Yukio just to make her happy. And it worked too! hehehehe...


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