Outgoing day today!
Word for the moment: Party
Japanese Word: Kaze (Wind)

My mom had visitors this afternoon. But before that, I had sushi! Mom planned it originally for her visitors. I got 2 rolls of sushi not yet divided into pieces! At the same time, there was a Filipino-Chinese food Lumpiang's style. Her cooking is one of the minor reasons I still live under the same roof. Hey! Don't get too negative!

In the meantime, while the visitors were having a good time at home, I went to my friends. I'm getting a hang of GTA - Vice City. It was only at my neighbor when I could play such a game. 'tis quite fun though I still need driving lessons. Ahh, but before that, nothing beats a good game of gambling cards though we didn't actually use real money (we used the play money from the Jeopardy game he borrowed). I won in the end. He was still in the stage of "beginner's luck" since he's quite new to the games I taught him...all except Bluff. We had to cancel our last Bluff game though, since it was taking a long time to decide the winner.

Better go play RO now before I lose time. Gotta get stomping!


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