Whew! Glad that's over with!
Word for the moment: Control
Japanese Word: Sora (Sky)

Well that was a very tiring war. Oh! I'm talking about Utopia, by the way. I was forced to build legions of armies of the undead. Also, this other guy kept on bugging me the last few days by sending thieves in my province. So, I casted spells on his province. Now that the war's over, I'm taking my chance trying to regain my strength. And so, it goes on.

Meanwhile, in the Ragnarok world (well, outside of the game), I saw a very interesting thread in one of the forums of Ragnarok Headquarters. One member was asking if the Alchemists suck. I had read the whole thread and have compiled a lot of comments and suggestions. Too bad, I wasn't registered so I couldn't post anything...that is until I started writing a thread in one of Rika's groups mailing list. They seemed to be interested so I just wrote more info to feed them. I love info!


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