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Japanese Word: Ame (Rain)

It's raining! It's my favorite type of weather as it reminds me of warm blankets and hot chocolates. Also, for some reason, I can concentrate more with my original characters and their stories. I'd love to watch the rain all day (or all night). Today is also the National Election of the Philippine Government. It had some confusions, however, as people were not able to see their precincts and many of them were not able to vote. This is the problem when you don't organize.

Oooh! I finally met Gino in Yahoo Messenger last Saturday. I had an epi in the first time since he went to Australia. Too bad it was cut short because I depleted my internet connection. For some reason though, I do not know how I end up in usually life-threatening situations when I am not even finished with another. *Sigh*. That's probably the life of an inactive character. I'm hoping to meet him once more and a new player. The more players, the more fun. I just hope I do the right things at the right time.

In the meantime, I am back with Diablo II again. This time, I'm really hooked up to those character and item editors that I usually end up making new rare items just for myself. Drace looks cool in his outfit. He's a necromancer and originally was my first Diablo II character. I did soon promoted him as one of my original characters when I learned of DesCha. Anyways, I did wish I had the Lord of Destruction Expansion Pack to recreate my Assassin. I always had an easy time with Assassins even when not using any editors.

Utopia is still a challenge for me. I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up my 2 kingdoms in Battlefields and Genesis as most people target me for military raids, spells, and covert operations. I hope that'll change soon, otherwise, I'll restart soon.

In Ragnarok, I found myself dealing 3-digit damages to PecoPecos with my Merchant in Fenrir. And he's like only level 20! That would be special thanks to my +6 Hammer and my 20+ strength. Zeny is my real problem though, even with my merch and thief. It's harder to keep up if you want numerous items to your sleeve. In the real-life, however, the problems would be internet cards and ragna-loads.

Finally, in just my plain computer's updates, I got a new mp3. It's the first one in months now. It's Inuyasha's Every Heart. It doesn't have a good quality as my cousin has, though. However, as I like to say, better late than never, or in this case, poorer. I'd also like to get Hunter X Hunter's Pale Ale, though.


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