Hehe! ^_^
Word for the moment: Wired!
Japanese Word: Aoi (Blue)

This post was actually supposed to be a third post from yesterday but I didn’t have the time to write it down.

A note: the word for the moment came out from me when I was thinking of a substitute for weird. Now, it slowly became a signature for me.

Yesterday, after doing my post, my mom asked me to buy 3 small bottles of Sprite or 7-Up depending on the availability. That was because she was fond of putting those drinks into the barbecue. It brings up the flavor and it really works. So anyway, I totally knew that it was gonna rain. The thing is, I didn’t hurry up. As soon as I got to the store ran by my cousins, I bought 3 7-Ups while returning 3 empty bottles. Also, I gave away the info about kRO already having the Advanced 2nd Job sprites.

Soon, it rained. Drops fell but not too heavy and, well, I didn’t run. I was happily hopping my way back home (it was a subdivision so there aren’t too many crowds). I got home soaking wet. Of course, I returned the change and gave the bottles to my mom. Also, I knew I had to take a shower. I felt fresh even in the evening. Oh and I slept since noon until 4:00 pm completely skipping lunch. I woke with the same cousins in the room. lol

Oh and there was another thing I wanted to say since last night. Tails wa kawaii ^_^ !! I got this mini-video game from my mom and sis after coming back from taking my niece from the hospital. The game came with a Value Meal (or at least, it was the other way around). I gratefully ate my dinner and that was about 10:00 and soon played with Tails and his soccer game. I also liked the box so I decided to keep it! lol ^_^


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