Word for the moment: What?
Japanese Word: Nani? (What?)

I forgot! Yesterday, we watched our Pep Rally. Well, most of the time, I was talking. I didn't even care about those speeches and stuff. Oh well.

We've seen our pep squad about a million times just to exaggerate. Most didn't bother watching them. At least the other school wasn't as boring. I'd like to see those female cheering squad anytime.

The Viva Girls were a different matter. Although I wasn't really liking it much, I was amused about the boy they picked up to dance in front. Hehe, as shy as they go. Oh and Soller was there. I wonder if Pertee got jealous. (LMAO).

But that isn't the real reason I am writing this. Wushu is fun when you see people do it. Those guys who did it are so good, I'd wanna sign up! I couldn't tell you the whole descript but I can assure you, if you were there, it's a must.


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