Overdue by 3 Days...
Word for the moment: Intriguing
Japanese Word: Omoshiroi (Interesting)

Darn my comp for having to start all over again! I couldn't even save/publish it. Oh well.

First week of school is fun! I have this strange taste of fun. Even if my teachers are strict, class terrors, I'd be seen with a smirk on my face and if I could, be LMAO, ROFLMAO or just plain lol. ^^

Meanwhile, the 3rd day was very different. It was the time I finally read the 2nd and 3rd volumes of Ragnarok: Into the Abyss. It gave me a very sudden, very deep effect in my day. It also gave me a conclusion to what I actually fear: Genocide, Homicide, Suicide, and other stuff that involves killing. The actual killing, mind you. If I didn't have that fear, I'd probably go to a death sentence by now. Where'd I got that idea? It was when the comics revealed the castle lord's plan to sacrifice children to revive King Surt. Damn it! Well, aside from that, Loki is so cool! He's got serious moves and he could kick some demon a**! I'd rather see him in anime, in a game (other than RPGs), or in a game cinematic! So aside from the looks and personality, people would look up to him with his abilities. Heh! It's as if he made Chaos look like a swordsman wannabe.

Finally, I created another (not so) original character based on many different characters. He is only about a week old since his creation date. His name is Koichiro, Seji. Seji is the type of a guy who seems to be having no problems at all. He's always laid back and calm wherever he goes. Even if there's a disaster, his mind seems to be out of reality. However, he actually does have a problem hidden deep inside. He strives to repair his family relationship but always end up getting helpless. With this, he decided not to move on in his life and tend to wander off elsewhere. (I should add other characters to lighten or thicken up the plot.) Meanwhile, getting out of the psychological side, he is very physically fit. I see him as a Kaworu look-alike (Evangelion) but is able to fight as if he were a Martial Artist. His strong points are his legs but he is still capable of handling strong punches. Combo's are his specialty in fighting. He is but rarely seen with those skills as, like written above, he is very calm. I usually see him as a cross-over of Kaworu, Arima Souichiro(Kareshi-Kanojo no Jijou), and Yoh(Shaman King).

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