SiegFRIED my pants off!
Phrase for the moment: Frequently Asked Questions
Japanese Word: Oogami (Wolf)

Yatta! I finally finished an RO Skill Guide and I sent it to GameFAQs. Hopefully it gets published! I've worked that guide for months! (But actually, the real update actually lasted for about 2 days or so). I've learned so many things with it as I research websites thoroughly. I hope people would like it when it gets published.

Besides that, my computer has been reformatted to a newer Windows version (now XP). This time, we have backup files which was really not a matter to me. I always put my files in drive D, never in C. There were, however, a LOT of installations to do. I'm thinking reinstalling MSN Messanger, Yahoo Messenger, Ragnarok Online, and Real One Player.

Meanwhile, I was able to download another mp3 from AnimeMP3s. It's "Cycle" from Wolf's Rain. It's a pretty cool music that goes well with a good mood on rainy days. And so was I in a good mood as the rain pours down. It goes very well with the rain. You should try and hear it sometime. Another one I download is "Beyond Me." It has a soothing tone into it. It was played mainly by a classical guitar (I think it is classical).

Last Monday, I wasn't able to post an update here but I did want to since I was able to watch Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban. It was so DAMN GOOD but I was disappointed when I found that most of the things I expected were never seen. Oh well. It was still a pretty good movie, as well as one of the few I watch.

I kinda forgot what I was gonna say last Monday. All I remember was the one above as well as trying to put a dual personality in my update. Too bad I wasn't able to do that today. It would have been fun.

One thing I've noticed. Quizzes in quizilla popularly are a series of quizzes and are usually for girls only.


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