Another Rip-Off

A soul cries out: I tend to forget... Darn it! What was it?
A rhythm recalls: Keep Yourself Alivez/Remix (~Sol's Theme~) - Guilty Gear Series Best Sound Collection

Have you noticed I have the same song in my head for 3 times in a row now? But...

Last Song Syndrome: Holy Orders(Be Just or Be Dead)/Remix (~Ky's Theme~) - Guilty Gear Series Best Sound Collection

It was tormenting me since a while ago. (Torment as in I couldn't recall the other music I like to hear in my mind).

Meanwhile, I couldn't decide whether I should save up my money (sorry Earl) for this Thursday, or save it for an internet card.

Anyway, something I ripped-off from R2's Blog, which I also saw from Creole's Blog, whom both stole (and I saw) from Rika's Blog who in turn got it from some guy named myk's blog...and I can't answer what Rika got from Kang's LJ.

01. name: Ueno, Ten-Ohki, Seji, Meijin, Myoujin, Drace, Torii, Garde, etc...
02. hobbies: computer, info, watching kids play (yay!!)
03. sexual preference: umm...
04. age: 15
06. horoscope: Libra
07. school: LSGH
08. address: somewhere...
09. email add: which one?
10. hair: short
11. eye colour: dark brown
12. hair colour: black
13. right or left handed: left-handed turned right
14. marital status: single
15. siblings: 2, both sisters. 3 if you'd count the adopted(?) niece.
16. last 4 digits of ur no.: 6946
17. when's ur bedtime: random timing
18. do u have a car: i wish
19. what type of car do you want: same as below
20. brand of cars: dunno...just something that's good
*hAvE yOu..*
21. tried smoking: nope...but...
22. drink alc0h0l: yup. and i hate beer but I like rum, mirin (it counts as alcohol), oh yes and Vanilla extract too!
23. been hurt emotionally: yup
24. kept a secret from anyone: YUP!
25. been on stage?: yup
26. color : silver, blue
27. food : mostly sweet stuff, fish, shrimps
28. drinks: water, iced tea, some flavored-instant coffee, root beer
29. number: 3, 13, 16, 21. most likely 13
30. looney toons: sylvester
31. sports: soccer but I'm not too good at it.
32. song : can't...think...too...many...
33. movie : Artificial sad...
34. subject: recently, Social Science and Math (yes! Math)
35. friends: Earl, a grade 3 friend of mine (wishes for being able to see him on his graduation)
*riGht nOw..*
36. wearing now: 3rd Year LSGH high school uniform, black pants, round-neck T-shirt, PE shorts, briefs, rubber shoes, white socks, a P15.00 bracelet, glasses. want more?
37. hairstyle: short
38. looking at: the computer screen. gee! you think?
39. thinking of: answers to these, why I am also doing this from bottom to top...
40. listening to: Reality: talking people, keyboard; Mind: (see "A rhythm recalls" above)
*dO u beLieve in..*
41. love? : yes.
42. destiny? : dunno...
43. urself: 'course! If I don't believe in myself, what are dreams for?
44. ghost : yes. wanna be one if I die earlier than expected
45. angel : yes. check out my art's personal comments
*iN the LaSt 24hRs..*
46. worn jeans: nope
47. cleaned ur room: you mean OUR room. still, no
48. cried: tears may fall when i yawn but i didn't cry
49. met someone new: no one
50. last person i talked to on the phone: raziel (last night)
*eiTher oNe..*
61. pink or black: black. but my NEPHEW likes pink!
62. kiss or hugs: hugs. they're so comfee!!
63. summer or winter: winter!!
64. sunny or rainy: rainy. haven't you read my posts below?
65. chocolate or vanilla: vanilla.
66. hanging out or chilling: either but I'm tilted towards hanging out
67. music or tv : hmm...tough one...
68. night or day: night
69. guys or girls: eh...
70. sleeping or eating: sleeping. love to sleep!!
71. love or lust: lust...I mean LOVE! (no really, love)
72. silver or gold: silver
73. sunrise or sunsets: Sunsets. You must learn to love this
74. phone or in person: Dunno. Phone, Person, YM even...
75. diamond or pearl: Diamonds


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