*Crashing and Burning*
Word for the moment: Testament
Japanese Word: Haiku - (Go look it up in the dictionary)
Random Thought: Why does the brain freeze and the heart burn?

Hey! Guess what! I'm using a computer not my own. Any you know why?

*insert "sound of steam coming out of a kettle" here*


Enough bad news. The thing is, I made an artwork of a boy angel (which was originally nude but the thingcy is covered...sorry, can't put that there) that I was planning to put up in DeviantART after creating an account. Problem is, my computer crashed...damn it...

The angel I created is a character I called Winde (The "d" is emphasized and the "e" is silent). Actually, even up to now, I still consider him as real than an original character. I usually portray him as a brother of mine. Still, I dedicate him for my older brother who died when the twins (yes twins) died. I also am currently creating another named Raine ("e" is still silent) who was originally the wife of Winde. Now, he's just the sister as I am dedicateing her to my older sister, the other twin.

Aside from that, rain! Rain rain rain rain!! Ooh! Me likey rain! I made sure that I was drenched yesterday. That's the second experience I had about rain. Proves that I really am a rain person. After the rain during night, I enjoyed a sight of lightning striking in the clouds from afar. It's a lightning show.

Going back at morning, I found myself having a dream regarding Ragnarok Online. I was my own thief, silverRAVEN, meaning I am the thief and not me controlling the thief. I was in Sograt Desert walking towards the Assassin's Guild and then escaping aggressives. The weird thing is, besides the Sandmen and the Desert Wolves after me, there were Argoses and Argiopes around which were supposed to be somewhere in the Asgard Mountains (Mt. Mjolnir). So anyway, I escaped through the use of Backsliding, stopping only when I was near the map portal, stealing herbs from Green Plants (Those plants CAN be found in Sograt Desert).

There was another note! I actually enjoyed my Filipino class a while ago! Wait a minute...WTF!!


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