from Stingy to Cool!

A soul cries out: w00t!!
A rhythm recalls: Still In The Dark (~GGX Zato vs. Millia Theme~) - Guilty Gear Series Best Sound Collection

Actually, nothing's stingy. Just thought I should be a bit climactic. Oh wait...there is something stingy. I hate Maxim when fighting against him. He's the cheesiest boss there is in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. He's even harder to beat than Dracula himself. Piece of cheesy crap... Other than that, everything's fine or cool.

More about Castlevania, Dracula's pretty easy to beat. In that part, I was the cheesy character; I kept on jumping and sliding down towards the first form of Dracula, and I kept using spells and the Medicine Pots on the 2nd form (at one point, I went to the back side of Dracula). Heh. Talk about being cheesy. Also, I got to use Maxim as well (Yay)!

Back to business, I got a bunch more pics from D.N.Angel. This time, I have more downloads of Dark than Daisuke. I also got Krad and With/Wizu. Also, I found a nice site, which I kinda forgot to know what it was, that was full of info about the Anime/Manga. Like most people, they say that the Manga was waaaay better than the Anime counterpart. While it's too early for me to judge, I did agree to that fact. I read the translations of a few volumes and saw some screenshots of the Anime some time ago. I remember I commented that the "Legendary Kiss" of Riku and Daisuke/Dark was shown too early (as in the 1st episode) of D.N.Angel. Still, I wanna watch it!! ^^

Besides those, everything is fine. Basically though, those are the only things I could say aside from me and my family going out a while ago, me reading The Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Cliches, me totally forgetting about Kang's play last Saturday (gomen-nasai!!), and me totally having a 0 on the Soc.Science project. Well, that's that.


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