Oh nothing really!
Word for the moment: Awe
Japanese Word: Sekai - Earth/World
Some Random Thought: What happens when you grate grated cheese?

Guilty Gear r0xx0rz!! Thanks to r2, I got a whole soundtrack saved into my PC. However, the PC sucks. Darn Pop-ups. Darn Video Card. Darn Modem. *Kicks all 3*

So anyways, Guilty Gear...yeah. Personally, I like most of their music. Even Potemkin's Burly Heart - a downright creepy song. Ooh! I love it. Of course, there's Holy Orders, Writhe in Pain, and Awe of She. Ooh! Me likey what I've got!

And there's something else! I've finished my Math Homework already... o_O


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