Religious and Philosophical Ideas
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Japanese Word: Doshita No - What's the Matter?/What's Wrong?
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Well, here goes. I just read Ouiouf's and Sakuraii's post about religion. It turns out that people still believe that other religions are wrong and that ours are right. Hell no! Christianity is our way of living, as well as other people have their own religions as their way of living. The only wrong "religions" are demonic cults who believed in killing, sodomy, etc... (I know! I had traumas seeing a website about that...damn cannibalism). As every people has a right to live their own lives, why not give them a right to live their own religion.

Although I don't really believe in religion fully as I hold my Philosophical ways of life (OMG!! I'm beginning to sound like my character), I still believe in God. Why do I say that? Because most Gods religions portray are very similar to our God. It was simply religion that divided our hearts. I'm not saying that Religion should be abolished or that we become Atheist (like Sakuraii said), but we shouldn't have to degrade every religion we are not into. The only thing we should abolish are demonic (not Wiccan...I don't think that's demonic) cults! I HATE THEM! I HATE THEM! I HATE THEM! I HATE THEM!

Oh and my orginal character, Torii, is into Religion and Philosophy. He's the reason why I had to research Shintoism, Taoism (his philosophy was based on balance) and Japanese Culture just to develop him. He believes in freedom of thoughts and beliefs. He's actually older (in terms of creation) than Seji, though. His name was originally taken from the Social Science notes last year just to get a new name for a character in pRO. Ehehehe...


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