Reminiscence of two characters
Word for the moment: Cross
Japanese Word: Kyuu - Nine
Random Thought: Aequo Animo/With a Calm Mind – Seji’s Motto

I just talked to Ichidai on the phone a while ago. What made me think of calling? That goes a long way from this morning in YM. Apparently, we both have questions to each other. But other than that, I just felt like calling an old friend.

Well, our conversation started with our Blogs and the “How’s Life” section. We even talked some about Ragnarok Online. I told him some of the downsides of pRO like players scamming, botting, hacking, etc… We also talked about the present condition (mostly on my part which is school). Eventually, we found our way to DesCha. We had a little trivia of who’s who and what’s what. It was fun and we shared bits of info as well. The best part, for me, is how we got to become DesCha players and such. How did he get Ichidai as I got Ueno? It has been an interesting turn of events. The phone call lasted about 2 hours or so.

Oh, I forgot about something. I will be showing random thoughts up in my title from now on (if I can think of any). All the other currents will be shown in the sidebar (i.e. Current Mood, etc…)

Ichidai, the post about Seji IS somewhere below. It's the third paragraph, I think. Oh and I DID went offline when you asked for a question.

Which Guilty Gear X character are you?

I'm still Chipp even if I changed my answers...oh well.


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