Some random rants, raves or others.

A soul cries out: Nothing will come out if you continue to waste your time.
A rhythm recalls: A Fixed Idea (~Testament's Theme~) - Guilty Gear Series Best Sound Collection

First, a recap. I was trying to do a draft of an essay about "time is gold." Then, I realized I was a few sentences short. This made me do a rant of some kind.

Why is it that some people are too literal, some are quantitative than qualitative, and some have this so-called "textbook mentality?" How the heck did they go on with their lives? I mean, people live through their own experience not through textbooks. There are other meanings than the literal appearance. Finally, it's mostly the content that counts, not the number. Imagine if these people were your superiors. How the heck would you expect to get a high remark through your own work? They get so annoying and frustrating. If you happen to find one of these guys, please give me a favor and tell him to GET A LIFE!!

Meanwhile, I had a few reflections on my own about time.

Time is gold. If you waste time and you waste valuable effort, you waste a future depending on it. I should know this. I live my life just staring at the computer or TV all day or night and what happens? I get a feeling I wanted to start all over again...except, I can't. Which reminds me, I'm gonna modify Runagi's philosophy about life... (see side-bar)

Meanwhile, I had another thought in my mind.

People say that actions speak louder than words. However, words can also be helpful; they could strike through peoples hearts no action can. This is dome by telling people through their heart and not through their mind. Therefore, I must rewrite the famous quote: Actions speak louder than words of the mind but are equal with words of the heart.

A random rave I should have done yesterday:

Ooh! Me got something from Kang's MP3 Rotation Site!! I finally got what I requested for: 13 Gatsu no Shukumei from The Alternative World of El Hazard Anime. I hope the other one I requested comes next.

Finally, something I felt a while ago...saving the best for last!

Aww!! I am once again feeling what I had felt before. Once again, I am feeling a bit empty in my arms, gitty, and envious of families having brothers. I thought of my most brotherly original character I could ever think of - Hibiki Kazuki (Ichidai should know him). Aargh! He's not only a brother and a guardian, he's almost like a father. To make matters worse, I portrayed him with his little brother hugging him. Aah! I always wanted to have a brother who could hold me and keep me warm and comfortable. *sob*. Ah...I wish I was his brother...or Hibiki himself...


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