A title named I can't think of a title...
Word for the moment: Whatever
Japanese Word: Osoi! (Slow or Late)

Ooh! I liked Castlevannia. Keeps me busy when I'm bored. I have a limit though. Since it's Castlevannia: Harmony of Dissonance which is played in GBA, I had to cut down on playing since batteries are getting real costly these days. Still, it's fun as, like I said below, it made me think of newer fighting moves for my characters.

Meanwhile, I'm back with NeoPets and is currently a "newbie" since I created another account. Gomen ne, boku no Shoyru. Well, one reason why I joined is because of message boards. I was getting confused, however, as it suddenly became hard to read as more people floods the boards. *sigh* Oh and ghosts also got a small amount of NeoPoints from me then placed it at the Money Tree. While most people might get frustrated, I say this act is quite nice.

I couldn't get any new mp3s at the moment as for some reason, AnimeMP3s' always have their mp3 download page unavailable, well except for one time but then I decided to get it later. Oh well.

Notice that I usually end my posts with Oh well or Ah well or the like...


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