Well yesterday seemed fun...

A soul cries out: Can you picture your love one perfectly?
A rhythm recalls: Babel Nose (~Jam's Theme~) - Guilty Gear Series Best Sound Collection

Yes! Yesterday IS fun! Got to play the arcades and pRO again! I missed KoF. Oh, and QoF's also back! Yay!

'bout yesterday, I played KoF'97 and '99. It was either it had a different diffuculty mode, or I'm just out of practice - I can't seem to win anymore! But hell, At least I could play!

As for Ragnarok Online, a friends of mine and I went PvPing together. In a 1 vs. 1, I won! Hehe, he couldn't hit my thief very well. He did have a powerful DEF but I killed him with my fast-paced attacks, high dodging-rates, the poison status ailment, numerous stones for stone fling, a bunch of reds to go, and adequate INT for using Envenom.

After that, we went to Byalan (or Bibilan, or somthing). That was the only time I noticed I was able to fight against the Marse. Other than that, I already knew what would happen, like Obeaunes could kill me because of their high accuracy. I hate enemies with high accuracy. (I need a familiar card...). Anyway, thanks to him and another friend of mine (classmate actually), I became Base lv. 50! Yay! I finally added some stats to my STR. But I'm still gonna hunt rather than level up for a while. I wish I could play again soon!!


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