What is this taking over me?

A soul speaks out: What is world peace when you yourself is not peaceful?
A rhythm recalls: Keep Yourself Alivez/Remix (~Sol's Theme~) - Guilty Gear Series Best Sound Collection
Changed my everyday layout and the sidebar. Oh I just felt like it.
Seji takes over for a while...
What happens if you feel an urge inside of you? Why does this happen? Is this depression, lonliness? Do you have a past that you are running away from? Do you need something you don't have? Do you need someone to comfort you? Tell me, why do I feel this way?
...I wanted someone to hold me...
I can't seem to express it. I want to cry it out but I ended up in a smile. I want tears to come out but a mask covers it so. Even if I take it off, my tears would be concealed by the falling rain that follows me. Nobody seems to know how I feel. I do not even know what I feel. The pain just bounces back inside me. I want to take it out.
...comfort me, take this pain away...
Does this have to do with my past? Am I running away, hiding? Did I try to forget what happened to me, to my family? The Fights and screams that are haunting me? The separation of my loved ones that tortures me? Did I try to see things in a different manner, only to leave my past behind me?
...make me fight against the haunting past...
I have been living in a closed world. Someone open the gates for me. Someone, reach out for me. Give me a ray of hope to guide me. Help me fight the pain of the past I have been dreading for so long. Hold me, make this lonliness disappear so that we will live a better life. create a better future for all...

How do you like it? Also, please tell me what this this a poetry or a prose? I wanted to put it to my DeviantART but I don't even know what it is... Please reply in my chatterbox or tag-board in the sidebar below or in the comments (shown below the post). TY!


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