A soul cries out: Express it. Feel what your heart's supposed to say. -Torii
A rhythm recalls: Every Heart - BoA

Yay! We had 2 days of no school. Too bad I wasn't able to compose what I was meant to write since I was too busy with Ragnarok and DesCha. Also, in DeviantArt. But anyways, I'll write it down as soon as possible. Got to go. Ja!


New Deviation!!

A soul cries out: Peanut butter has salt??!
A rhythm recalls: My Confession - Josh Groban

Uhh, my mom was listening to him. Don't blame me for it.

Called Ichidai and Keyel a while ago. The Three-way Conference works! Yay! Go me!!

As for the deviation, I got Keiji and Matt up - two more characters I created for the lack of kids in my arsenal. I created them before I created Seji, however. Now, to create more kids and this time, girls, since I'm lacking one of them. Anyways, the pic is rather plain and has some to many mistakes if you ask my opinion. I rather pity myself for that...but then again, my pride can go waaaay up more than anyone else, like right now! Other than the plain whiteness, however, is something I'm sure Rika might be intrigued with. *snicker*


Insomnia, or just a (bad) habit?

A soul cries out: Everybody could solve problems but when they can't, that's what are friends for.
A rhythm recalls: Circle of Life - Disney's Circle of Stars

I got up just a few minutes from now (5:45 or so). Actually, I was awake already and that was since a few hours earlier. It was then I realized I couldn't just sleep deeply anymore after that. Actually, I could sleep, I could sleep at will. However, once I wake up early in the morning, I can't anymore and that would stay for quite a while. Probably, it's just a habit I obtained sleeping up late and waking up real early. Man I need to sleep. Just when I read about dreams and sleep in the psychology book I found in the high school library I never knew we had, that's when I realized I had this happening to me. *sigh*

Also, I called Ichidai and Kagekami last night; Ichi was so darn happy but we had to cut our discussion (2 minutes) so that left me with Kagekami-chan. She told me she scolded called Ichidai the other night and went on threatening him but she also said he was TOO happy to care. Eh? That's one thing about ichi, he gets overly emotional about stuff. I'm not saying it's bad or anything but at least he could get to express what he feels which I'm kinda envious at the mo.

Kagekami-chan went on discussing about her problems at the mo until we reached something about high school, teachers and subjects which was brought up by me. I went on explaining like Sakuraii would rant about his english teacher in his blog. (Try checking the month of July in the archives). Unfortunately, we had to cut short again. I forgot why but that was time for me to eat.

In the game world, nothing much. I was able to level-up my thief's job level in Ragnarok. I was able to sell all my silver arrows as well. That takes care of some problems. Now, I am just selling junk before I can resume leveling again. In Starcraft, however, my (un)defeated neighbor was defeated by his classmate 3 times. Whoa! My neighbor is so good in Starcraft and he was defeated, moderately though. In his 4th battle, at least he was able to defend himself now. I remember him saying that just in 10 minutes, when he could create 3 Carriers, his classmate would already have a fleet of them. Like I said, it ain't illusions and hallucinations like Anki would have done, it's the real thing. And that, my friend, is still nothing compared to the Koreans which is impossible very difficult to beat.

Which deadly sin do you represent? (Angel Sanctuary Pics)

brought to you by Quizilla

Somehow, it's true but I don't think I go that far...


Fiction, reality, and something in between

A soul cries out: "How I would lived and died for this moment. Mom, dad, I miss you..." -Ueno Kyujin
A rhythm recalls: Some Mario Kart Super Circuit BGM - Nintendo GBA

How ironic. I write an overly dramatic statement of Ueno above and was followed by an uberly Genki type of music... *sigh*

Just a while ago, I called Kagekami-neechan. I figured I should keep my word in the chatterbox and call her up sometime...and I did. Although I did have some trouble thinking of what to say to her, that didn't stop me from calling. (Torpedo approach doesn't suit my taste.) Anyways, she was able to pick up the phone; she was a bit tad sick but she said she was fine, and I could prove to you that she IS fine...well, physically. Like I said, I was having a bit of trouble of starting a fire to our conversation but soon, it just came. It started with "how are you," "how is school" and "I think you've changed." Then, the pace changed to "You have a girlfriend na, no?" I don't have a girlfriend...mas lalo na ang boyfriend!! I wanna have a future... Anyways, we just ended up getting a bit deeper in our conversation among friends. Too bad I have to cut it short since my aunt from the US just called up. *sigh*

Well, the important thing there is that you should call friends you haven't have contact with recently. I think the relationship between two people is better when you call someone, not just through YM!'s and texting. Or if you can afford, go see him/her personally. It goes deeper, you see. All the feelings you take out from you, the other receives, sends a feedback and both are comforted.

Also, yesterday, I went to a school play. Kanser(Cancer) was the name of the play as it was based from the harsh reality of life and, of course, our National Hero's novel. It was fun while it lasted. I kinda liked the two kids who played a small role in the play. (I have this unerasable affinity for children. Go figure). After the show, Sakuraii showed up. He said the play sucks. He complained about the lighting being poor, the actors were not good, etc... Come to think of it, this play was less vivid than the other plays I saw those past years. Not to mention, I couldn't fully understand a thing they say...maybe because I was talking to Raziel next to me?

In other news, Philippine Ragnarok Online: Chaos Server has been so darn laggy that all I ever did the whole day was vend, and vend, and vend...and the occasional teleport from one place to the other. At least I was finally able to get rid of my *normal* arrows through vending. Yay! No more annoyances from hard to sell arrows. Now, if someone could just buy my 10,000+ silver arrows...

Just a while ago though, I thought up an overly dramatic way on how Ueno would portray should he end his life. Thus the one I wrote above. I thought it was too dramatic though. It was kinda based like on how Athrun's friend died (Gundam Seed, mind you). Well, I said based but not entirely a rip-off though.

Speaking of rip-offs, I went surfing yesterday. I found sites that contains very good anime artwork. (I am NOT going to list them here, nor anywhere in the world for that matter). It's cool, except for the fact that they made me feel I was empty again. I did wish I had somebody to hold me. A *best*friend perhaps? Or an adopted brother? Or maybe I was adopted or the like... Eeeh! I wish I had a brother who could care for me or I could care for him. I just wish to learn not to spoil them or myself. Spoiling is ev0l!! I don't want to end up with a spoiled brat...

Well that was long... Oh and one last statement before I go:
I told you I like Vanilla over Chocolate! ^^


Quizzie + s!!!

A soul cries out: Ore no, kachi da! (This is my win) -Kyo Kusanagi
A rhythm recalls: Holy Orders(Be Just Or Be Dead)/Remix (~Ky's Theme~) - Guilty Gear Series Best Sound Collection

I really can't take my mind out of Guilty Gear and KoF. lolz ^_^. Yay for me, our exams just ended. I was actually trying to make an ironic exit (not to go to the mall though I have been going there for the past few days...shhh...) but I couldn't help it.

Anyways, I got some quizzes from What Anime Legend Are You?

I love that result. Go Daisuke!! What is Your Anime Zodiac?

Actually, I'm a Libra but that fits me just well. The Anime Friendship Quiz

Not really sure 'bout that one though... What Ninja Class Are You?

Wow...I'm not quite a ninja... What Wolf Are You?

I'm not determined. I'm usually indecisive...


KoF Relived in me!!!

A soul cries out: Get real! I'm Ideal!!
A rhythm recalls: The Nostalgic Song - Legends of Mana

Oh great... The Nostalgic Song came back to my mind. Somehow, though, I was able to recall GGX's No Mercy inside my mind.

Anyways, it's been a long time since I wrote in this blog of mine. That was due to the reason I can play RO in our PC once more. Whohoo! Yay, go me! I can now fulfill my dream's wishes! Also, this gives me a chance to check out what my personality really is...through Rune-Midgard Academy, of course.

Meanwhile, I'm much more excited with KoF. Thanks Sakuraii for the link, not to mention for the tips and combos in the arcade. Hehe, despite my current position (I was actually supposed to study for the exams...), I am still able to play Ragnarok Online and King of Fighters in the arcade! But I still suck at the arcade (wah!!). At least I know how to unlock Kyo and Iori now (thanks Sakuraii).

Other than that, I'm trying to help make QoF move again. I started by putting pics in it. Does that help? I miss QoF.