Insomnia, or just a (bad) habit?

A soul cries out: Everybody could solve problems but when they can't, that's what are friends for.
A rhythm recalls: Circle of Life - Disney's Circle of Stars

I got up just a few minutes from now (5:45 or so). Actually, I was awake already and that was since a few hours earlier. It was then I realized I couldn't just sleep deeply anymore after that. Actually, I could sleep, I could sleep at will. However, once I wake up early in the morning, I can't anymore and that would stay for quite a while. Probably, it's just a habit I obtained sleeping up late and waking up real early. Man I need to sleep. Just when I read about dreams and sleep in the psychology book I found in the high school library I never knew we had, that's when I realized I had this happening to me. *sigh*

Also, I called Ichidai and Kagekami last night; Ichi was so darn happy but we had to cut our discussion (2 minutes) so that left me with Kagekami-chan. She told me she scolded called Ichidai the other night and went on threatening him but she also said he was TOO happy to care. Eh? That's one thing about ichi, he gets overly emotional about stuff. I'm not saying it's bad or anything but at least he could get to express what he feels which I'm kinda envious at the mo.

Kagekami-chan went on discussing about her problems at the mo until we reached something about high school, teachers and subjects which was brought up by me. I went on explaining like Sakuraii would rant about his english teacher in his blog. (Try checking the month of July in the archives). Unfortunately, we had to cut short again. I forgot why but that was time for me to eat.

In the game world, nothing much. I was able to level-up my thief's job level in Ragnarok. I was able to sell all my silver arrows as well. That takes care of some problems. Now, I am just selling junk before I can resume leveling again. In Starcraft, however, my (un)defeated neighbor was defeated by his classmate 3 times. Whoa! My neighbor is so good in Starcraft and he was defeated, moderately though. In his 4th battle, at least he was able to defend himself now. I remember him saying that just in 10 minutes, when he could create 3 Carriers, his classmate would already have a fleet of them. Like I said, it ain't illusions and hallucinations like Anki would have done, it's the real thing. And that, my friend, is still nothing compared to the Koreans which is impossible very difficult to beat.

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Somehow, it's true but I don't think I go that far...


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