New Deviation!!

A soul cries out: Peanut butter has salt??!
A rhythm recalls: My Confession - Josh Groban

Uhh, my mom was listening to him. Don't blame me for it.

Called Ichidai and Keyel a while ago. The Three-way Conference works! Yay! Go me!!

As for the deviation, I got Keiji and Matt up - two more characters I created for the lack of kids in my arsenal. I created them before I created Seji, however. Now, to create more kids and this time, girls, since I'm lacking one of them. Anyways, the pic is rather plain and has some to many mistakes if you ask my opinion. I rather pity myself for that...but then again, my pride can go waaaay up more than anyone else, like right now! Other than the plain whiteness, however, is something I'm sure Rika might be intrigued with. *snicker*


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