Quizzie + s!!!

A soul cries out: Ore no, kachi da! (This is my win) -Kyo Kusanagi
A rhythm recalls: Holy Orders(Be Just Or Be Dead)/Remix (~Ky's Theme~) - Guilty Gear Series Best Sound Collection

I really can't take my mind out of Guilty Gear and KoF. lolz ^_^. Yay for me, our exams just ended. I was actually trying to make an ironic exit (not to go to the mall though I have been going there for the past few days...shhh...) but I couldn't help it.

Anyways, I got some quizzes from What Anime Legend Are You?

I love that result. Go Daisuke!! What is Your Anime Zodiac?

Actually, I'm a Libra but that fits me just well. The Anime Friendship Quiz

Not really sure 'bout that one though... What Ninja Class Are You?

Wow...I'm not quite a ninja... What Wolf Are You?

I'm not determined. I'm usually indecisive...


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