Life in Ragnarok

A soul cries out: Don't take everything for granted unless it says so.
A rhythm recalls: TeMPotato - SoundTeMP - Ragnarok Online

Lots of stuff happened in Ragnarok Online that made me miss my chance to write on this. Gonna list them out!

I finally became an Assassin. After 1 year and 2 months of playing, I finally have my first 2nd Job Class! Yay me! Also, I got a Sandman Card...

I tried using my cousin's Priestess making it my third 2nd Job Class I've used (The first being a knight). Supporting other people's very difficult. Now I have a deeper knowledge why Priests and Priestesses are like that.

I've got Sakray! Yay! I'm planning to make myself an Alchemist to prove them once and for all!

The Alchemist is the first 2nd Alternative Job Class I've *noticed*. Also, their skills were the first skills I've seen from the 2nd Alternative Job Class. Wow! The forces are really compelling me to become an Alchemist. LMAO!!

Finding a Blacksmith selling a Magnolia Card sent me in a wild goose chase. It took me a long time to sell off some of my items just to get that card. On that same day, I sold my Sandman Card, my Slotted Goggles (sorry C.J.), and my Phantom of the Opera only to find out the Blacksmith got disconnected. Aww. Few hours later, I found him again and I bought the Magnolia Card. Yay!

Speaking of the Magnolia Card, I used it up on my +6 Untouchable Stiletto. The +6 Untouchable Stiletto isn't my most prized possession anymore...the +6 Untouchable CURSING Stiletto is!! That's 2 cards down and 2 to go. If I find my 3rd card, beware. *laughs maniacally*

Well, that's it for me!


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