Weekends are sooo much fun!!

A soul cries out: Assassins are supposed to be badass. They've got two of them...
A rhythm recalls: Pampas Upas (Extreme Mix) - SoundTeMP Special Remix Soundtrack 1(Ragnarok Online BGMs)

Heh! It's been a while since I last visited my own Blog and DeviantART. Ouch...that's a lot of Deviations back in my message center. Oh well.

It was my birthday last Saturday (9/25). It was fun and I like Steak!! And Mashed Potatoes!! Also, it was my career field trip the day before, and also, I was promoted as moderator in the pRO_players yahoogroups. Cool ne?

Anyways, my newest project is about the career field trip. It was fun...well actually, the ideas we had with my classmates were usually the fun stuff. Hope I can draw and scan them into my computer.

Until then, good luck to me!


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