In The Hallow

A soul cries out: Imperfection is a way...
A rhythm recalls: Present - Ranma ½

Talked to Ichidai yesterday. We had this talk about the existence of love since I saw about it in Jem's blog. Somehow, I fid it rather relaxing talking about other people's opinions in a given subject. Jem says she believes in love however pessimistic she would be. On the other hand, the Chicken who has someone to be happy with believes that love is perfect and, since nothing is perfect in this world, (note this) NON-EXISTENT.

To counter that thought, I went from philosophy to theology. I told him to look deeper than "what's" and start asking "how's" and "why's." Even though we are imperfect, I explained to him that we were somehow created perfect in a way because our Creator is perfect. Also, I told him that love is something like that as well. After the little debate, we started talking about different, unimportant things.


Today is a different story. Started the Sunday Mass and all without my parents and one of my sisters who went to the Province. I was left with my other sister and brother-in-law and, after the mass, went to our cousin's house. Before arriving however, a rather annoying incident occured in Marcos Highway's McDonalds. My sister was frustrated about their service for giving us wrong orders and stuff like that. We got our orders in about 30 minutes (according to my sister). Funny. I ate my Quarter Pounder in about 5 minutes or so.

Arriving at my cousin's house, well, nothing much. Aside from greeting my cousin a Happy 22nd Birthday, we had pizza, watched TV, and played the computer. That was the very first time I had ever tasted the Cream Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza. Gotta love it!! On the other hand, The Sims 2 was a blast! I had fun in designing my characters, and so did my sister. Other than that, I watched my cousin play Max Payne 2 and some MU Online, watched a Comedy/Romance Korean movie, and watched some more TV while finishing off Choco Peanut "ChocNut."

When night arrived, I was gonna try out Sims 2 again and finish off getting furniture for my family but my parents arrived from their trip. They ate as I watched (again) until it was time to eat the Chocolate Mouse Mousse. While eating, I was listening a burned copy of Bond Classified. Oh nothing. I thought it was nice to hear some orchestra again.

We returned home soon, got hooked up to the computer, and the rest is history.


Cream of Mushroom!

A soul cries out: "Mommy, I'm scared. I don't like planes and bombs." - Danny - Return to Never Land
A rhythm recalls: Winter Wish - Yonekura Chihiro - Love Hina

What Cream of Mushroom? Oh that one. I just ate it, thank you…

I’ve been watching Peter Pan in Return to Never Land recently. Oh nothing. I just thought of passing time and so far, I like the movie. My favorite character there is Danny. Cute and innocent he is. *sigh* I wish I could live a life like that again. Hey! Don’t get me wrong. I’m only 16.

On the other hand, I created a new thief in Chaos named silverKHAINE. I’m planning him to be more successful than my assassin, silverRAVEN. For once, I made something more powerful than my sin, though he missed and got hit a lot. Anyway, I transferred some equipment I could give to the thief, including my Chain Mail [1] and my precious +6 Untouchable Cursing Stun Stiletto (Snake, Magnolia and Savage Babe Card compounded Stiletto). Also, I finally got myself the Argiope Card Sir Kahn owed me. I am so happy!

Anyways, I also started life in Odin. My acolyte, Daiko, is also powerful but not too much. I lost the count of his death when GMs started the summoning of monsters in towns to pave the way for Halloween. I could remember that it was more than 8 times, though. What I really like to do was opening a Warp Service. It’s a nice past time for me. My only problems on handling such services are trying to keep myself online and not get confused on where they want to go. Good thing I warped the Assassin to his original destination. Ehehehe… ^_^;;

Lydia Server is also coming soon in pRO. Now, I could create more characters there! Wee! I should also try to become a good Sage and Alchemist to make people notice the class.

Coming out of the Ragnarok life, I started Utopia again. So far so good, I’m getting rusty. Well, either that or I’m really a n00b, N00B!! Also, I played Neopets and they seem to have changed their layout. Speaking of Neopets, I haven’t fed by pet yet. Oh well. Gotta run! Ja!



A soul cries out: Where are the mooncakes? Why isn't there any mooncake?
A rhythm recalls: Hikari - Deep River/Kingdom Hearts - Utada Hikaru

Hikaru kept singing on my head! Ah, don't worry. I like the song anyways. It went on even while I was taking the exams. The only time it didn't was when I was listening to something else. I just noticed I suddenly moved towards J-Pop songs lately.

Meanwhile, you've noticed that all but one quiz results did not show the picture. I don't know why but I still don't intend to fix it.

Speaking of exams, nah! I dun wanna talk about it much. Why? Because it's the mooncakes I'm after. Why the HELL did La Salle refrain from selling mooncakes! I want mooncakes!! Wah! I didn't even realize it's the Mooncake Festival. I WANT MOONCAKES!!!



A soul cries out: Treat people as your brothers and being the youngest!! *Goes immature all of the sudden*
A rhythm recalls: That Digimon Frontier Transformation/Battle BGM


which digimon 4 couple are you
brought to you by Quizilla

Waii! Koichi, being my fave character and all!!

You're Rika

Which Digimon tamer are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I answered honestly and I still got her? Not that I am complaining and all. Wee!!




...okaaay... Quizilla stop responding at the moment. I was actually gonna try out the Inner Child quiz again but...never mind.

Does anyone know of another quiz website? I'll try The Otaku... What Soul Calibur 2 Character Are You?

Fwee! Japanese Swords!! But I like staves better... What Tales of Symphonia Character Are You?

And I have no idea what this game is... What .hack//SIGN Character Are You?

Uh huh...So I'm that guy...Ah never mind...


A dream

A soul cries out: To hug is to live as long as you can remember all the good things in life.
A rhythm recalls: Sakura Drops - Deep River - Utada Hikaru

Then again, since I still have time to waste, why not.

Last monday morning, I was having a dream. It wasn't like any other dream I had. This one made me feel comforted somehow...

I entered in my (parents') room. I saw my niece sleeping and I lied down
beside her. When I did, she moved around like she would wake up and cry but I
laid still. She stopped and still slept on. I couldn't remember what happened
next but eventually, I went out of the bedroom again. When I left the room, I
heard news that my younger brother was born. He left my sister's bedroom and I
saw him as if he was already a grown 4-5 year old with a well body. He was
still innocent, however, and was curious most of the time. There was also a time
when my classmate appeared out of nowhere. He stayed until at the end of my
dream. My mind was probably trying to campare him to my brother since my
classmate appeared shorter. Hehe.

I remember embracing my brother, and somehow, I felt great. Unfortunately, I forgot what came after that. Then, a weird part
of my dream came. McWolf (if you remember Droopy in Cartoon Network) tried to
catch us, my classmate included. We ran around trying to get away from him. It
was a long run when I decided to lock my brother and I inside a...fort, I
think. I created clay (Play-Doh) walls that looked like a cross if you look at
it, bird's eye view. I simply put my hand faced down on the ground but not
touching it and the walls suddenly rose. I also grabbed a handful of clay to try
and ward of McWolf. Then, I heard a signal. My brother and I jumped
off the wall as McWolf sat on the sofa. I asked what happened and he said
that it was the end of the game. When I realized that, I wackily tried to beat up McWolf though it wasn't as serious as when I am angry. Then, I woke up...

Even though the dream was not entirely focused on my brother, my attention was entirely focused on him. When I woke up, I knew that it was only a dream and I knew that I didn't really have a brother. I felt rather empty in my arms again but somehow, I felt as if he was still there. Had it been true, I would want to take care of my brother, give him good roots and make him fly and soar to the sky. I wanted to see him as someone who did not follow my lead to a rather damaged life. No! I want him to stand up against problems, whether be vices or bad habits. I want to love someone like him and him loving me in return. I wanted to become a true brother to someone like him. This one I had always longed for.

Sickly and feverish...

A soul cries out: Sleep tight!!
A rhythm recalls: Good For You - Do as Infinity

I don't know why but I'm feeling a bit of sick today. I meant feverish not sick as in lustfully sick!! #&@*&%(@&&$!!

I don't know how I got it. I just felt hot after my CL exams. Not hot as in sexily hot you ^&*($^&*#$%^&$%$!!

*Shrug* I also wanted to state out my dream 2 days ago but not now. I'm not feeling well. Maybe next time.


New MP3s!!

A soul cries out: Arashi ni dakarete yume kara Jump!! (Like a storm from a dream, Jump!!) - Namida No Hurricane - GetBackers
A rhythm recalls: Namida No Hurricane - GetBackers

Fwee! I just downloaded two new mp3s, Butterfly Kiss from Rave and Utada Hikaru's Sakura Drops! For a long time, I had wished to get them both and look now! Wee! Now to just get Fire!!...

Also, I've knoticed that Utada Hikaru was the one who sang Hikari for Kingdom Hearts. She also sounded the same in the Naruto ED. OMG!! She might be the one who sang for the Naruto ED!!!!! Wee! Better tell this to Raziel when I meet him again. Fwee!

Keep 'em coming!!

A soul cries out: Dance on the rhythm, dance with some heat. Let Music move you, not you move the beat.
A rhythm recalls: Separated - Wolf's Rain Original Sound Track 2

Well you have noticed I changed my template! I was thinking of changing it a bit so this is what I got. Still, I wanted a different skin than those found in Blogspot itself. Can someone find me a website where they offer some skins? Thanks in advance.

Oh, about the sidebar, you might noticed that some of the text is covered by the supposedlybackground of the sidebar. It's fine. Just highlight it and you'll be able to read again. It's no biggy.

Wee! I have two new mp3s!! The first being the GetBackers 2nd ED, Namida no Hurricane, and the other is the one I'm listening right now, a Wolf's Rain BGM, Separated. Namida is so very catchy. Once, I caught myself dancing lambada or something like that... Separated, on the other hand, is both soothing and melancholy. It is nice when you need to relax. I wish I had Fire!! right now, though.

Meanwhile, I added new artwork on my deviantART Website. I hope you like it! ^^

Also, I found out that Neopets had a new area added. I think it's been long there already but just in case. I needed to do something on the internet anyways so...

Oh well. Wish us luck again in my coming exams.


Finally! Some new updates.

A soul cries out: I hate dubbing...
A rhythm recalls: Good For You - Do As Infinity

WTF!! Animax's dubbing in Digimon Adventure is downright horrible!! Crap you!! Well, that was relieving. Anyways, I finally updated new stuff in my DeviantART. 3 of them, to be exact. I still hate proportions too but some say I'm doing better than last time.

I'm into mp3s again!! Ever since Ragnarok came back to me, I felt left out! Now I'm back with new mp3s! I finally got my Tenshi No Yubikiri mp3 back (thanks AnimeOmiyage!!) and I have a new mp3, Good For You. I love that JPop song. I first heard it on Raz's mp3 player during career field trip. I accidentally listened to it just right after listening to Be Just or Be Dead. Also, I'm hunting out a new mp3 for my list: Fire!! from Digimon Frontier. Notice that I'm very in to Digimon lately. ^^

Oh! Exams will be coming this week as well. Still, you don't see me studying now do you? Of course, we are all excited on what's coming up next. Sem Break!!



A soul cries out: Do you know but don't understand or do you understand but you don't know?
A rhythm recalls: Fire!! - Digimon Frontier

I don't know what but something is really disturbing me. A sign of maturity, perhaps, or maybe just insecurity. I dunno. Maybe all these events that had happened for the past few days really made a great impact on me.

*sigh* It's really frustrating, annoying, disturbing... I feel something inside me once more that makes me want to call out to something or someone. Still, my being secretive still prevails so...tough luck!


Illusions and the Real Deal

A soul cries out: Everything you see can all be illusions. Be careful.
A rhythm recalls: (I have no idea what the song stuck in my head is)

Whoa! Clouds are so much fun! I saw a hazy sun twice! The first one, I can just stare at the sun DIRECTLY. The clouds cover the sunset in such a way that the sun can still be seen but not to glaring, not like the other one. The second one was still glaring though it was still covered by the clouds. But what I like about that wone is, instead of seeing a yellow sun, I saw a white one. Hah! But those two were nothing compared to the moon and clouds. The moon was half covered; only the bottom half was visible. Also, it shone the clouds in such a way that I thought I was looking at a seascape. I could imagine rocks in the foreground, light illuminating the water, the moon just floating above it... I wish I could paint or take a picture of them...

Meanwhile, Philippine Ragnarok Online gave a 2x EXP and Drop Rate! Wee! I got to level up fast! Not to mention, I was able to get a Mink Coat, a Singing Plant, 3 Stilettos, and a bunch of Slotted Adventurer's Suits. Also, I was able to overupgrade 1 of my Stilettos to +7 though I broke one. /sob. Also, I got a Juno CD for incoming October 4! Wee!

I was also gonna put a motto in the sidebar but I forgot what it was. Next time, I should really write down before posting. Well, that's it for me.