Cream of Mushroom!

A soul cries out: "Mommy, I'm scared. I don't like planes and bombs." - Danny - Return to Never Land
A rhythm recalls: Winter Wish - Yonekura Chihiro - Love Hina

What Cream of Mushroom? Oh that one. I just ate it, thank you…

I’ve been watching Peter Pan in Return to Never Land recently. Oh nothing. I just thought of passing time and so far, I like the movie. My favorite character there is Danny. Cute and innocent he is. *sigh* I wish I could live a life like that again. Hey! Don’t get me wrong. I’m only 16.

On the other hand, I created a new thief in Chaos named silverKHAINE. I’m planning him to be more successful than my assassin, silverRAVEN. For once, I made something more powerful than my sin, though he missed and got hit a lot. Anyway, I transferred some equipment I could give to the thief, including my Chain Mail [1] and my precious +6 Untouchable Cursing Stun Stiletto (Snake, Magnolia and Savage Babe Card compounded Stiletto). Also, I finally got myself the Argiope Card Sir Kahn owed me. I am so happy!

Anyways, I also started life in Odin. My acolyte, Daiko, is also powerful but not too much. I lost the count of his death when GMs started the summoning of monsters in towns to pave the way for Halloween. I could remember that it was more than 8 times, though. What I really like to do was opening a Warp Service. It’s a nice past time for me. My only problems on handling such services are trying to keep myself online and not get confused on where they want to go. Good thing I warped the Assassin to his original destination. Ehehehe… ^_^;;

Lydia Server is also coming soon in pRO. Now, I could create more characters there! Wee! I should also try to become a good Sage and Alchemist to make people notice the class.

Coming out of the Ragnarok life, I started Utopia again. So far so good, I’m getting rusty. Well, either that or I’m really a n00b, N00B!! Also, I played Neopets and they seem to have changed their layout. Speaking of Neopets, I haven’t fed by pet yet. Oh well. Gotta run! Ja!


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