A dream

A soul cries out: To hug is to live as long as you can remember all the good things in life.
A rhythm recalls: Sakura Drops - Deep River - Utada Hikaru

Then again, since I still have time to waste, why not.

Last monday morning, I was having a dream. It wasn't like any other dream I had. This one made me feel comforted somehow...

I entered in my (parents') room. I saw my niece sleeping and I lied down
beside her. When I did, she moved around like she would wake up and cry but I
laid still. She stopped and still slept on. I couldn't remember what happened
next but eventually, I went out of the bedroom again. When I left the room, I
heard news that my younger brother was born. He left my sister's bedroom and I
saw him as if he was already a grown 4-5 year old with a well body. He was
still innocent, however, and was curious most of the time. There was also a time
when my classmate appeared out of nowhere. He stayed until at the end of my
dream. My mind was probably trying to campare him to my brother since my
classmate appeared shorter. Hehe.

I remember embracing my brother, and somehow, I felt great. Unfortunately, I forgot what came after that. Then, a weird part
of my dream came. McWolf (if you remember Droopy in Cartoon Network) tried to
catch us, my classmate included. We ran around trying to get away from him. It
was a long run when I decided to lock my brother and I inside a...fort, I
think. I created clay (Play-Doh) walls that looked like a cross if you look at
it, bird's eye view. I simply put my hand faced down on the ground but not
touching it and the walls suddenly rose. I also grabbed a handful of clay to try
and ward of McWolf. Then, I heard a signal. My brother and I jumped
off the wall as McWolf sat on the sofa. I asked what happened and he said
that it was the end of the game. When I realized that, I wackily tried to beat up McWolf though it wasn't as serious as when I am angry. Then, I woke up...

Even though the dream was not entirely focused on my brother, my attention was entirely focused on him. When I woke up, I knew that it was only a dream and I knew that I didn't really have a brother. I felt rather empty in my arms again but somehow, I felt as if he was still there. Had it been true, I would want to take care of my brother, give him good roots and make him fly and soar to the sky. I wanted to see him as someone who did not follow my lead to a rather damaged life. No! I want him to stand up against problems, whether be vices or bad habits. I want to love someone like him and him loving me in return. I wanted to become a true brother to someone like him. This one I had always longed for.


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