Finally! Some new updates.

A soul cries out: I hate dubbing...
A rhythm recalls: Good For You - Do As Infinity

WTF!! Animax's dubbing in Digimon Adventure is downright horrible!! Crap you!! Well, that was relieving. Anyways, I finally updated new stuff in my DeviantART. 3 of them, to be exact. I still hate proportions too but some say I'm doing better than last time.

I'm into mp3s again!! Ever since Ragnarok came back to me, I felt left out! Now I'm back with new mp3s! I finally got my Tenshi No Yubikiri mp3 back (thanks AnimeOmiyage!!) and I have a new mp3, Good For You. I love that JPop song. I first heard it on Raz's mp3 player during career field trip. I accidentally listened to it just right after listening to Be Just or Be Dead. Also, I'm hunting out a new mp3 for my list: Fire!! from Digimon Frontier. Notice that I'm very in to Digimon lately. ^^

Oh! Exams will be coming this week as well. Still, you don't see me studying now do you? Of course, we are all excited on what's coming up next. Sem Break!!


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