Illusions and the Real Deal

A soul cries out: Everything you see can all be illusions. Be careful.
A rhythm recalls: (I have no idea what the song stuck in my head is)

Whoa! Clouds are so much fun! I saw a hazy sun twice! The first one, I can just stare at the sun DIRECTLY. The clouds cover the sunset in such a way that the sun can still be seen but not to glaring, not like the other one. The second one was still glaring though it was still covered by the clouds. But what I like about that wone is, instead of seeing a yellow sun, I saw a white one. Hah! But those two were nothing compared to the moon and clouds. The moon was half covered; only the bottom half was visible. Also, it shone the clouds in such a way that I thought I was looking at a seascape. I could imagine rocks in the foreground, light illuminating the water, the moon just floating above it... I wish I could paint or take a picture of them...

Meanwhile, Philippine Ragnarok Online gave a 2x EXP and Drop Rate! Wee! I got to level up fast! Not to mention, I was able to get a Mink Coat, a Singing Plant, 3 Stilettos, and a bunch of Slotted Adventurer's Suits. Also, I was able to overupgrade 1 of my Stilettos to +7 though I broke one. /sob. Also, I got a Juno CD for incoming October 4! Wee!

I was also gonna put a motto in the sidebar but I forgot what it was. Next time, I should really write down before posting. Well, that's it for me.


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