In The Hallow

A soul cries out: Imperfection is a way...
A rhythm recalls: Present - Ranma ½

Talked to Ichidai yesterday. We had this talk about the existence of love since I saw about it in Jem's blog. Somehow, I fid it rather relaxing talking about other people's opinions in a given subject. Jem says she believes in love however pessimistic she would be. On the other hand, the Chicken who has someone to be happy with believes that love is perfect and, since nothing is perfect in this world, (note this) NON-EXISTENT.

To counter that thought, I went from philosophy to theology. I told him to look deeper than "what's" and start asking "how's" and "why's." Even though we are imperfect, I explained to him that we were somehow created perfect in a way because our Creator is perfect. Also, I told him that love is something like that as well. After the little debate, we started talking about different, unimportant things.


Today is a different story. Started the Sunday Mass and all without my parents and one of my sisters who went to the Province. I was left with my other sister and brother-in-law and, after the mass, went to our cousin's house. Before arriving however, a rather annoying incident occured in Marcos Highway's McDonalds. My sister was frustrated about their service for giving us wrong orders and stuff like that. We got our orders in about 30 minutes (according to my sister). Funny. I ate my Quarter Pounder in about 5 minutes or so.

Arriving at my cousin's house, well, nothing much. Aside from greeting my cousin a Happy 22nd Birthday, we had pizza, watched TV, and played the computer. That was the very first time I had ever tasted the Cream Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza. Gotta love it!! On the other hand, The Sims 2 was a blast! I had fun in designing my characters, and so did my sister. Other than that, I watched my cousin play Max Payne 2 and some MU Online, watched a Comedy/Romance Korean movie, and watched some more TV while finishing off Choco Peanut "ChocNut."

When night arrived, I was gonna try out Sims 2 again and finish off getting furniture for my family but my parents arrived from their trip. They ate as I watched (again) until it was time to eat the Chocolate Mouse Mousse. While eating, I was listening a burned copy of Bond Classified. Oh nothing. I thought it was nice to hear some orchestra again.

We returned home soon, got hooked up to the computer, and the rest is history.


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