Keep 'em coming!!

A soul cries out: Dance on the rhythm, dance with some heat. Let Music move you, not you move the beat.
A rhythm recalls: Separated - Wolf's Rain Original Sound Track 2

Well you have noticed I changed my template! I was thinking of changing it a bit so this is what I got. Still, I wanted a different skin than those found in Blogspot itself. Can someone find me a website where they offer some skins? Thanks in advance.

Oh, about the sidebar, you might noticed that some of the text is covered by the supposedlybackground of the sidebar. It's fine. Just highlight it and you'll be able to read again. It's no biggy.

Wee! I have two new mp3s!! The first being the GetBackers 2nd ED, Namida no Hurricane, and the other is the one I'm listening right now, a Wolf's Rain BGM, Separated. Namida is so very catchy. Once, I caught myself dancing lambada or something like that... Separated, on the other hand, is both soothing and melancholy. It is nice when you need to relax. I wish I had Fire!! right now, though.

Meanwhile, I added new artwork on my deviantART Website. I hope you like it! ^^

Also, I found out that Neopets had a new area added. I think it's been long there already but just in case. I needed to do something on the internet anyways so...

Oh well. Wish us luck again in my coming exams.


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