New MP3s!!

A soul cries out: Arashi ni dakarete yume kara Jump!! (Like a storm from a dream, Jump!!) - Namida No Hurricane - GetBackers
A rhythm recalls: Namida No Hurricane - GetBackers

Fwee! I just downloaded two new mp3s, Butterfly Kiss from Rave and Utada Hikaru's Sakura Drops! For a long time, I had wished to get them both and look now! Wee! Now to just get Fire!!...

Also, I've knoticed that Utada Hikaru was the one who sang Hikari for Kingdom Hearts. She also sounded the same in the Naruto ED. OMG!! She might be the one who sang for the Naruto ED!!!!! Wee! Better tell this to Raziel when I meet him again. Fwee!


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