These past days...

A soul cries out: I feel weak...I'll go get myself some Mushroom Soup...
A rhythm recalls: The News at 17 - Chico and Delamar - Monster Radio RX 93.1

Yesterday was the start of my (or our) five-day vacation. I kinda dozed of a lot of times, especially when I had a headache for nearly the whole day...that and a runny nose. Damn you runny nose. I still like the sleeping part, though.

I love role-playing. Zero Luc made a rather cool story in GSG and I'm taking part in it. It allowed me to practice my writing skills. Another was DesCha. I've noticed that when Ueno is in a situation he cannot handle, he tends to walk away. The weird thing is, the opponent lets him go as well. Now I am just confused on how valuable I really am as Ueno. Finally, in Ragnarok Online, I am finally able to give Hyperion (Sakuraii) my 95 ea Trunks. He was wondering how I got so many in a short time. I replied to it; I bought most of them. There goes my money.

Speaking of Hyperion and RO, I gave him a P50 worth of 8 hours back on Wednesday. I just felt like it.

Also, today, I cooked Cream of Mushroom again. I'm sorry! I can't help it!

You Are a Little Scary

A Little Scary!

You've got a nice edge to you. Use it.

No? But do be scared if you screwed me over.


What kind of shoe are you?


You Are the Helper


You always put on a happy face and try to help those around you.

You're incredibly empathetic and care about everyone you know.

Able to see the good in others, you're thoughtful, warm, and sincere.

You connect with people who are charming and charismatic.

Maybe I really am. Maybe too much...

You are freedom. You would want to go skydiving. You love riding or flying. Your dream to be free.

What word you are?

It's fine.


Criticism on the play setting

A soul cries out: Treat children to what they deserve the best. I remember you were one a long time ago.
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You Are a Social Blogger!

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It's how you keep in touch... sharing stories, jokes, and pics.

Oh nothing. Just thought I could start off with a quiz result.

Going back to the real criticism of Oliver Twist, the story: good. The play: not too good. They need acting lessons. I read a part of the book too. The play skipped a lot of parts I read, well, either that or it's just too fast-paced. The best performer, was none other than the Artful Dodger, especially that he already has an acting career.

They need to improve their singing a bit. Even if they were grade school children, they should. Acting as well. Oliver was depressed at the beginning of the story and I see the kid acting him partially smiling. The way they handle their sound system should also be improved. Either that or teach the kids not to boom their voices. It hurtz da earz!! Oh and the lights as well. Those fricking lights. Didn't their mothers say never to play with the lights. It always kept going on and off before the play started which ticked me off big time. Also, their special effects lights at the side kept on pointing towards the audience and blinding them. And guess what? We were in the front part where the light was more blinding than ever.

I'm not saying that the play sucks. I wished they improved it to be more audience friendly. Oh, and speaking about the audience, they laugh too much.

For the best part, it was the interlude. Never forget that Ms. Ginny IS the oldest comedian in La Salle Greenhills.

If you want a better review, I suggest reading Ouiouf's.



A soul cries out: Siccoro (Sandstorm)
A rhythm recalls: True Song - Do As Infinity

Just been from school. I watched Oliver Twist back at the new theatre. Actually, It's an auditorium but I always called it a theatre. Oliver Twist's a cute and fun story. It was more fun since my Math teacher was one of the cast (yay Ms. Santos)! I wish I could watch it again. Of course, I can give some complaints and criticisms but for the sake of having a good time, I'll just leave it alone.

I was actually helping Sakuraii to get more Trunks in RO. He was trying to make a Sakkat. I was already collecting some so I had a 28 Trunks start. I got until I found/bought up to 36. Sold 10 them but was able to buy 20 more later on. After that, I got bored and decided to leave pRO Chaos for a while and into pRO Sarah. I used Drace and left him idle in the Payon Castle until the auto-silence system came off. While that was going on, I downloaded a new mp3.

Speaking of downloading, I got the mp3 from Nyaoo-Castle. I've got Do as Infinity again and the song is called True Song. It has a very oriental feel to it. It's kinda nice but I like Raven better.

Also, I added Luc, my former Japanese Language classmate, in my series of links. He also made me go to his forum site which I keep on forgetting the URL. Maybe I'll get it again later. In the meantime, I'll go back hunting.


Found no lost.

A soul cries out: ...
A rhythm recalls: Second Half of the Top Ten (November 8, 2004) - Chico, Delamar, & Brad Turvey - RX 93.1 (FM)

Note: Chico and Delamar is soo funny! why don't you try listening to them everyday at 93.1 every 6:00 to 9:00 AM. (Philippines)

Hey! Guess what! I found four things last weekend, two that I lost along time ago and two things I found from the Internet. First stop, my artwork. I finally found my lost artwork lurking in the shadows of my piano pieces…you know what I mean. Currently, I’m working on the colorings in Adobe Photoshop. I guess I’m about 15-20% finished unless I decide to remake it again…very common for a perfectionist.

Also, I found Raz’s P10 Level Up Card. I’m gonna return it to him or I could return it to him…indefinitely. /gg

Finally, I finally got Utada Hikaru’s Hikari and got its lyrics from AnimeLyrics. They also have its English translation. You can sing along. Here. I typed the lyrics for you. :3

Utada Hikaru

Donna toki date
Tada hitori de
Unmei wasurete
Ikite kita no ni
Totsuzen no hikari no naka me ga sameru
Mayonaka ni

Shizuka ni deguchi ni tatte
Kurayami ni hikari o ute

Imadoki yakusoku nante
Fuan ni saseru dake kana
Negai o kuchi ni shitai dake sa
Kazoku ni mo shoukai suru yo
Kitto umaku iku yo

Donna toki date
Zutto futari de
Donna toki date
Soba ni iru kara
Kimi to IU hikari ga watashi o mitsukeru
Mayonaka ni

Urusai (When you turn my way) toori ni haitte
Unmei (Take it all the way) no kamen o tore

Sakiyomi no shisugi nante
Imi no nai koto wa yamete
Kyou wa oishii mono o tabeyou yo
Mirai wa zutto saki da yo
Boku ni mo wakaranai

Kansei sasenaide
Motto yokushite
WAN SHIIN zutsu totte
Ikeba ii kara
Kimi to IU hikari ga watashi no SHINARIO

Motto hanasou to
Mokuzen no ashita no koto mo
TEREBI keshite
Watashi no koto dake mo miteite yo

Donno no yokutatte
Shinji kirenai ne
Sonna toki date
Soba ni iru kara
Kimi to IU hikari ga watashi o mitsukeru
Mayonaka ni

Motto hanasou to
Mokuzen no ashita no koto mo
TEREBI keshite
Watashi no koto dake mo miteite yo

Motto hanasou to
Mokuzen no ashita no koto mo
TEREBI keshite
Watashi no koto dake mo miteite yo


White Picket Fencing

A soul cries out: Time does not choose. You choose the right time.
A rhythm recalls: Tell Me What The Rain Knows - Maaya Sakamoto - Wolf's Rain OST 2

Ow! My legs! I can't feel my legs!!

I had basic fencing this afternoon. I was able to catch up on the second day. Examining and analyzing their mves back on the first day pays off. I actually (and partially) knew how to move. Now, the footwork was a little bit tricky. Most of the time, we had to squat. Of course, it would hurt squatting for minutes. At least I can get enough footwork done! Wee! I have both fencing and weight lifting for footworks!! I love kicking into thin air!

Hmm...Tell Me What The Rain Knows usually remind me of Oz World. Prolly because I made it loop whenever I play it. Hey! That was a long time ago.


These last few days

A soul cries out: Macaroni and Cheese
A rhythm recalls: Raven - Do As Infinity

I should have felt a little regret and guilt over these last few days but...well...I can't remember why. WHY?! Why hath I forgotten...eth? Oh yeah. It was about the computer thing and the food. I refused to eat dinner and my dad took the modem out and hid it. Aww... Then my (beautiful, loving, caring, very generous) sister found it again! Wee!! It turned out to be that it was hidden in the drawer where I place my unfinished artworks if I have new sketch ideas. At that moment, I didn't had any so...yeah.

On the same day/night, I got an Adobe Installer from Sakuraii. I finally have a more decent program to color my artwork. Here! Check out my new artwork: ~kyujinueno. I like the kawaiiness!! ^.^ I think I still need improvement, though.