Criticism on the play setting

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Going back to the real criticism of Oliver Twist, the story: good. The play: not too good. They need acting lessons. I read a part of the book too. The play skipped a lot of parts I read, well, either that or it's just too fast-paced. The best performer, was none other than the Artful Dodger, especially that he already has an acting career.

They need to improve their singing a bit. Even if they were grade school children, they should. Acting as well. Oliver was depressed at the beginning of the story and I see the kid acting him partially smiling. The way they handle their sound system should also be improved. Either that or teach the kids not to boom their voices. It hurtz da earz!! Oh and the lights as well. Those fricking lights. Didn't their mothers say never to play with the lights. It always kept going on and off before the play started which ticked me off big time. Also, their special effects lights at the side kept on pointing towards the audience and blinding them. And guess what? We were in the front part where the light was more blinding than ever.

I'm not saying that the play sucks. I wished they improved it to be more audience friendly. Oh, and speaking about the audience, they laugh too much.

For the best part, it was the interlude. Never forget that Ms. Ginny IS the oldest comedian in La Salle Greenhills.

If you want a better review, I suggest reading Ouiouf's.


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