These last few days

A soul cries out: Macaroni and Cheese
A rhythm recalls: Raven - Do As Infinity

I should have felt a little regret and guilt over these last few days but...well...I can't remember why. WHY?! Why hath I forgotten...eth? Oh yeah. It was about the computer thing and the food. I refused to eat dinner and my dad took the modem out and hid it. Aww... Then my (beautiful, loving, caring, very generous) sister found it again! Wee!! It turned out to be that it was hidden in the drawer where I place my unfinished artworks if I have new sketch ideas. At that moment, I didn't had any so...yeah.

On the same day/night, I got an Adobe Installer from Sakuraii. I finally have a more decent program to color my artwork. Here! Check out my new artwork: ~kyujinueno. I like the kawaiiness!! ^.^ I think I still need improvement, though.


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