A soul cries out: Siccoro (Sandstorm)
A rhythm recalls: True Song - Do As Infinity

Just been from school. I watched Oliver Twist back at the new theatre. Actually, It's an auditorium but I always called it a theatre. Oliver Twist's a cute and fun story. It was more fun since my Math teacher was one of the cast (yay Ms. Santos)! I wish I could watch it again. Of course, I can give some complaints and criticisms but for the sake of having a good time, I'll just leave it alone.

I was actually helping Sakuraii to get more Trunks in RO. He was trying to make a Sakkat. I was already collecting some so I had a 28 Trunks start. I got until I found/bought up to 36. Sold 10 them but was able to buy 20 more later on. After that, I got bored and decided to leave pRO Chaos for a while and into pRO Sarah. I used Drace and left him idle in the Payon Castle until the auto-silence system came off. While that was going on, I downloaded a new mp3.

Speaking of downloading, I got the mp3 from Nyaoo-Castle. I've got Do as Infinity again and the song is called True Song. It has a very oriental feel to it. It's kinda nice but I like Raven better.

Also, I added Luc, my former Japanese Language classmate, in my series of links. He also made me go to his forum site which I keep on forgetting the URL. Maybe I'll get it again later. In the meantime, I'll go back hunting.


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