White Picket Fencing

A soul cries out: Time does not choose. You choose the right time.
A rhythm recalls: Tell Me What The Rain Knows - Maaya Sakamoto - Wolf's Rain OST 2

Ow! My legs! I can't feel my legs!!

I had basic fencing this afternoon. I was able to catch up on the second day. Examining and analyzing their mves back on the first day pays off. I actually (and partially) knew how to move. Now, the footwork was a little bit tricky. Most of the time, we had to squat. Of course, it would hurt squatting for minutes. At least I can get enough footwork done! Wee! I have both fencing and weight lifting for footworks!! I love kicking into thin air!

Hmm...Tell Me What The Rain Knows usually remind me of Oz World. Prolly because I made it loop whenever I play it. Hey! That was a long time ago.


  • At 7:35 PM , Blogger brown eyes said...

    "My legs! My legs!" - a similar expression was used in Buffy the Vampire Slayer... it went like this:

    B: "have you heard the saying, 'oh, my leg, my leg?'"
    Vamp: "no."
    B kicks the vamp's legVamp: "my leg! my leg!"
    B: "see?" then she put a stake thru the vamp's heart and he turned to dust.



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