Belated Merry Christmas!

A soul cries out: Dem ya overly overrated perpetual laziness!!
A rhythm recalls: Sakura Drops - Utada Hikaru

Belated Merry Christmas! I wasn't able to make a deviation *sob* But I had fun anyways! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Anyways, since I don't have any Christmas Deviation (boo, ever perpetual laziness!!), I'm currently working on my New Year Special Kiriban! Yehey!!

I got new shirts! And it's not blue!! Yay me! Why not blue? I had so many blue shirts that I am hardly seen with a different color when I go away. Haha! Now I've got more red shirts, a white one, and a black one...I think it is black... I also got a new bag, a CD called "Mavis Beacon teaches Typing" which I don't even need, and a Parker Pen which I am afraid to use or else I might lose it. Oh well.

Finally! I've finished downloading the Amatsu-GonRyun Sakray patch for pRO. Now if only I have 10k to get there. Also, I'm surprised they did not make a server wipe, deleting my current items and characters.

Just a while ago, I was left to comfort Rika for a bit. Just a while though. She said she couldn't take watching Enzai for some reason. *shrug*


Meh! Bah! Ts...

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This year's Christmas Fair in our school was no fun. Kinda deppressing since there aren't enough least for me. The rides suck, as usual. At least, later on, I have the Octopus ride all for seriously. I was the only one there. And it's a good thing they made it better for me to ride on than the last time. Annoyingly, all the Grade Schoolers was to parade right through the lower field after the mass and watched the kundirana and the awarding of the lanterns/christmas tree. For short, they did not dance. Crud! And I was hoping to watch my little friends dance like we did 3 years ago. *pout* The only thing I enjoyed there was that I was free to roam around since there was no Jail Booth (Yay!)

Actually, the original plan was to go to Robinsons and meet up with my old Jap classmates. Unfortunately, since we were going to school late, I wasn't able to. Instead, I just played Bingo with my friend, "Coach."

Then, right after the *sucky* Lantern Parade, my dad called that my niece is to be taken to St. Luke's Hospital because of dehydration from a high fever. My mom and I commuted. We were a bit early so we decided to eat at Burger King first. Afterwards, we visited my niece. Meh! They called that an emergency room? We were there for hours and they did very little. It was about 10-11 PM when she was taken to her room. Meh! My dad and I arrived home at 12 AM.!!

Today was my piano recital. There were some good players. I even wondered why they were placed before me. The boy just before me was extremely good, especially with Beethoven's Fur Elise. Unfortunately, the audience didn't have a chance to make an applause when two (I think two) ladies screamed and fell off the stairs behind us. Good thing I don't have high blood, otherwise I could have died on the spot. Hehe. Well, after that incident, we had a short break. Afterwards, it was my turn and...well, I couldn't say it was good or bad. I had mistakes, most noticably my second piece, The Wild Horseman, which went in anarchy. I did proclaim it that the wild horseman had a stampede problem. Hehe. After that, my duet with my cousin was nice.

Well, that's that. Next fair on February, I hope it to be better than yesterday.


Ardent Blues

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Got a random title for a random entry.

Well, for one thing, it's already Christmas break for us. As usual, I am among the last ones who said it among a group of friends/batchmates (Raziel, Sakuraii, R2, and Ouiouf) Well, nothing much happened last Thursday (our last day of school). We watched my class vs. their rival back at soccer. We lost, probably because our goalkeeper was a long way to where they shoot the ball. Actually, I never felt at loss since I was kinda siding both sections. A reason is that I wanted a good game, and it was.

From R2, I've got a paper bag, and a paper wrapping...oh yeah...and a Cross and a belt bag for a present. Khan got a pellet gun, a paper bag, and a plastic bag. Why didn't I get a plastic bag? Raziel and Yang gave me a P100 RO card. Yay! I now have 3 weeks worth of RO.

Speaking of RO, I never noticed the normal servers already have the Christmas patch. Probably because I turned off effects and kept on vending to get me a Metaller Card, which I eventually got. I deleted Schelzwich afterwards to start from scratch, again. I've got a Santa Hat which I traded with a Requiem Card and thus, my +7 Stiletto is now complete. Now if someone could just tank me...

Random quiz time again!

Shakespeare: Sonnets. Everyone has heard of you,
and almost everybody can find something
touching in you. You are calm and control
yourself, even though your wisdom and your
messages are no lesser than those of others.

Which literature classic are you?
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Calm and in control, huh? Maybe I made a mistake somewhere...

The Beaten Path

You take the Beaten
all, that's what it's there for right? You are
content with the options already
laid out for you definitely of the "If it
ain't broke, don't fix it." frame of
mind. You tend to be a follower rather than a
leader, but that's fine because
all good leaders must first be good followers. You
tend to follow the crowds
living life the tried and true way, often letting
others make the decisions.
Just don't forget you have a mind too. Never be
afraid to voice your ideas or
opinions, no matter how ridiculous others may think
they are. This beaten path
is your comfort zone, you want and deserve company
on your travels trough life
as you are probably a very friendly and kind
individual, always putting the
needs of others before your own. That's an
excellent and all too rare quality.
Never lose it. But being surrounded isn't always
the best. People tend to try
and take charge and advantage of the fact and if
you aren't careful, it'll
be your life that's been taken over. Venture away
from your well-traveled road
and find your own away. Head down that road
less-traveled and see what's there
because though the path you're on may have been
done before, that doesn't
necessarily make it the right one for you. Step out
of your comfort zone and
take some risks you wouldn't normally take, make
mistakes, and make some time
for just you. Indulge and be a little selfish.
You'll come out all the better
for it.

What Path Do You Take In Life? [X]For Guys and Gals! Pics and Lengthy Results.[X]
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It IS lengthy...


What herb are you?
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Rosemary is great for R2...


Quiz Time!!

A soul cries out: Talking about supersticious...I hate chain mails (not the armor)
A rhythm recalls: Owarinai Yume - Inuyasha

Lucifer: Angel of the starlight, you are often
confused with being evil in your quiet
contemplations... Underneath it all you are
actually the most beautiful angel of all, and
God likes u more... the others are just
jealous. What do they know anyways.

Which Angel Lays Within You?
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Well, it was my first so I'll keep it...

Green Tea
Green Tea...
You are Green Tea!
Strong and very smart you prefer peace to violence
and very rarely take action if it involves
confrontation. But you make up for this with
your keen insight and understanding of the
world and people around you, you have a very
mysterious nature. Many people see you as laid
back and that may be true but you are very
intelligent and make good decisions.

What type of Tea are you? {-With Anime Pictures!-}
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I make good decisions? I hate decisions. I am also not like my first result (mint).

Your element is Water: Understanding, intelligent,
quiet and calm. You know who you are and no one
can change that. Usually quiet but only because
your listening, don't let anyone think you
haven't got an opinion! Your not quiet because
your shy or sad, your usually quiet because
your thinking. Your answers are well planned
and helpful so people generally seek your
advice. Your the perfect balance between
solitary and outgoing. But sometimes you need a
little time to yourself to sort out your
emotions and figure things out. You understand
the phrase 'sticks and stone' and rarely let
things get to you, whats that important for you
to have to get so upset over? You know what you
want out of life but are simply taking your
time and enjoying things. To you your life is
fine as it is, you can always change things
later if your not happy.

.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
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Astrologically, I'm wind but this fits a lot better.

you're a gaurdian angel
you're a gaurdian angel. you fight and protect the
people you love and vaule.

what kind of angel are you?
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...I simply cannot resist! The little boy and the dog at the end of the post is just so darn cute!!


A long post today

A soul cries out: Theory and experience go hand in hand. No one can learn without the other.
A rhythm recalls: Blue Water Blue Sky (~May's Theme~) - Guilty Gear Best Sound Collection

I’m just being childish recently. A bit selfish here and there and sometimes I think like a child. *sigh* I miss the days when childhood was today, when simple things satisfied our hearts and minds and were appreciated greatly. Now, I’m just thinking and feeling very deeply. I wonder what will happen if my brother and sister still lived through? What would happen if I were still born afterwards? Would my brother love me, get envious at me, or just ignore me? Would I learn to love my brother the way I feel today? I wanted warmth.

The rain poured down on Monday like there was no end. Since we live in a different area as our classmates and the school (and a far distance too), I did not expect the experience to be the same. In any case, it kept raining. Sometimes it would rain harder than usual while sometimes lighter. Oddly enough, there was only little wind. That’s one rare occasion that typhoons brought a windless storm. Well either way, it gave me a bit of frustration since our TV needed a good reception from the satellite.

Next morning, heaven was blue. I could see the moon out in the clear blue sky. Nothing much quite happened as well other than our Filipino was substituted because of a family emergency, Science replacing CL for a while, PE was just a rest day because of the fourth year’s intramurals, English was Reading (rejoice!!), and Math is Math. Not quite the uneventful day you expected but that’s me. Oh and I wasn’t able to use the computer (for myself). Well that’s something.

Speaking of computer, nothing much quite happen as well in Ragnarok, except for the occasional leveling up and a certain rare that gave me a little problem. I sold a Poison Spore Card at a cheaper price than I was suggested. It turned out that Siege (CJ) didn’t know how it cost and left me to realize that the Familiar Card was waaaaaaaaaaay more expensive than what I just sold...or even suggested. Good thing that assassin agreed to trade it for 40k (I originally had 35k when I was tying to buy the card). I knew I should have just engaged in trading it. Why do I not follow my instincts?

As for myself, I contemplated to myself trying to know who I am. I used the psychology test given to us by the guidance. It was kind of true but I also find myself trying to get away from the result. INTP. That was Introvert and Intuitive with Thinking and Perceptive. Yes, I am not quite a people person but I wanted to talk to more and more people. Perhaps I may still be an introvert even by doing so but at least I am open to new people. I am intuitive and I have known myself to make instincts...and it was also my big weakness not to follow most of them and always ended up in a situation. I think rather than feel. That is true and I have seen myself contemplating when I can spare time. Then again, I wanted to feel warmth by my side once more. Finally, I am perceptive. Ah! That one’s not going to change much. I may judge but, since I am a thinking person, I try to perceive. I’m trying hard to change, ne? After all, it’s in the Sims’ astrological nature that Libra’s tend to be a bit sloppy, outgoing, laid back, playful, and nice.

Finally, I bought a book yesterday. The book is The Alchemist, a bestseller by Paolo Coelho. It’s a nice, inspirational book about what life is. It had a little humor too. Oh I’m not telling what it is. Otherwise, it might spoil you. The book is very simple to understand but very deep, similar in the way the story goes. The story starts with a shepherd boy from Spain who dreamt of a treasure just nearby the Pyramids of Giza (Rostja). He had traveled far and wide across the Sahara Desert while meeting people, all of whom who have realized him the same valuable lessons which the sheep had taught him. He also learned from his surroundings, and the God of the Christians and Muslims. As he traveled, he learns of the treasure not only from outside but deep within. Most of the things that have been said can be compared to everyday life, and that’s why I love it. Also, the book shows how religion, tradition, science, and fiction could be mixed together to form a soul of the story, making the writer the true alchemist of literature. I love this book and I hope that other people who have not read this book would as well. It should be kept into our hearts.


Oh and I ate California Maki today. Yummy!!
And I wanna have Kyosuke Himuro's Wild Romance!! >.<