Ardent Blues

A soul cries out: Make up your mind. Here! Use this make-up set.
A rhythm recalls: True Song - Do As Infinity

Got a random title for a random entry.

Well, for one thing, it's already Christmas break for us. As usual, I am among the last ones who said it among a group of friends/batchmates (Raziel, Sakuraii, R2, and Ouiouf) Well, nothing much happened last Thursday (our last day of school). We watched my class vs. their rival back at soccer. We lost, probably because our goalkeeper was a long way to where they shoot the ball. Actually, I never felt at loss since I was kinda siding both sections. A reason is that I wanted a good game, and it was.

From R2, I've got a paper bag, and a paper wrapping...oh yeah...and a Cross and a belt bag for a present. Khan got a pellet gun, a paper bag, and a plastic bag. Why didn't I get a plastic bag? Raziel and Yang gave me a P100 RO card. Yay! I now have 3 weeks worth of RO.

Speaking of RO, I never noticed the normal servers already have the Christmas patch. Probably because I turned off effects and kept on vending to get me a Metaller Card, which I eventually got. I deleted Schelzwich afterwards to start from scratch, again. I've got a Santa Hat which I traded with a Requiem Card and thus, my +7 Stiletto is now complete. Now if someone could just tank me...

Random quiz time again!

Shakespeare: Sonnets. Everyone has heard of you,
and almost everybody can find something
touching in you. You are calm and control
yourself, even though your wisdom and your
messages are no lesser than those of others.

Which literature classic are you?
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Calm and in control, huh? Maybe I made a mistake somewhere...

The Beaten Path

You take the Beaten
all, that's what it's there for right? You are
content with the options already
laid out for you definitely of the "If it
ain't broke, don't fix it." frame of
mind. You tend to be a follower rather than a
leader, but that's fine because
all good leaders must first be good followers. You
tend to follow the crowds
living life the tried and true way, often letting
others make the decisions.
Just don't forget you have a mind too. Never be
afraid to voice your ideas or
opinions, no matter how ridiculous others may think
they are. This beaten path
is your comfort zone, you want and deserve company
on your travels trough life
as you are probably a very friendly and kind
individual, always putting the
needs of others before your own. That's an
excellent and all too rare quality.
Never lose it. But being surrounded isn't always
the best. People tend to try
and take charge and advantage of the fact and if
you aren't careful, it'll
be your life that's been taken over. Venture away
from your well-traveled road
and find your own away. Head down that road
less-traveled and see what's there
because though the path you're on may have been
done before, that doesn't
necessarily make it the right one for you. Step out
of your comfort zone and
take some risks you wouldn't normally take, make
mistakes, and make some time
for just you. Indulge and be a little selfish.
You'll come out all the better
for it.

What Path Do You Take In Life? [X]For Guys and Gals! Pics and Lengthy Results.[X]
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It IS lengthy...


What herb are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Rosemary is great for R2...


  • At 2:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    I found your blog~! whee~
    hee hee.
    Oh, you might wanna add the other 2 blurty ones to your list as well as the Abisinnian Aya one... XDDD (that 2nd one gets more updates. hee hee)

    Weeeell, glad I found your blog *adds to favourites*

    I should be back at Halls in Jan so I will have more time for the net~!!! AND QoF!!!

    Take care for now


  • At 10:11 PM , Blogger Ueno said...

    Copy that!


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