A long post today

A soul cries out: Theory and experience go hand in hand. No one can learn without the other.
A rhythm recalls: Blue Water Blue Sky (~May's Theme~) - Guilty Gear Best Sound Collection

I’m just being childish recently. A bit selfish here and there and sometimes I think like a child. *sigh* I miss the days when childhood was today, when simple things satisfied our hearts and minds and were appreciated greatly. Now, I’m just thinking and feeling very deeply. I wonder what will happen if my brother and sister still lived through? What would happen if I were still born afterwards? Would my brother love me, get envious at me, or just ignore me? Would I learn to love my brother the way I feel today? I wanted warmth.

The rain poured down on Monday like there was no end. Since we live in a different area as our classmates and the school (and a far distance too), I did not expect the experience to be the same. In any case, it kept raining. Sometimes it would rain harder than usual while sometimes lighter. Oddly enough, there was only little wind. That’s one rare occasion that typhoons brought a windless storm. Well either way, it gave me a bit of frustration since our TV needed a good reception from the satellite.

Next morning, heaven was blue. I could see the moon out in the clear blue sky. Nothing much quite happened as well other than our Filipino was substituted because of a family emergency, Science replacing CL for a while, PE was just a rest day because of the fourth year’s intramurals, English was Reading (rejoice!!), and Math is Math. Not quite the uneventful day you expected but that’s me. Oh and I wasn’t able to use the computer (for myself). Well that’s something.

Speaking of computer, nothing much quite happen as well in Ragnarok, except for the occasional leveling up and a certain rare that gave me a little problem. I sold a Poison Spore Card at a cheaper price than I was suggested. It turned out that Siege (CJ) didn’t know how it cost and left me to realize that the Familiar Card was waaaaaaaaaaay more expensive than what I just sold...or even suggested. Good thing that assassin agreed to trade it for 40k (I originally had 35k when I was tying to buy the card). I knew I should have just engaged in trading it. Why do I not follow my instincts?

As for myself, I contemplated to myself trying to know who I am. I used the psychology test given to us by the guidance. It was kind of true but I also find myself trying to get away from the result. INTP. That was Introvert and Intuitive with Thinking and Perceptive. Yes, I am not quite a people person but I wanted to talk to more and more people. Perhaps I may still be an introvert even by doing so but at least I am open to new people. I am intuitive and I have known myself to make instincts...and it was also my big weakness not to follow most of them and always ended up in a situation. I think rather than feel. That is true and I have seen myself contemplating when I can spare time. Then again, I wanted to feel warmth by my side once more. Finally, I am perceptive. Ah! That one’s not going to change much. I may judge but, since I am a thinking person, I try to perceive. I’m trying hard to change, ne? After all, it’s in the Sims’ astrological nature that Libra’s tend to be a bit sloppy, outgoing, laid back, playful, and nice.

Finally, I bought a book yesterday. The book is The Alchemist, a bestseller by Paolo Coelho. It’s a nice, inspirational book about what life is. It had a little humor too. Oh I’m not telling what it is. Otherwise, it might spoil you. The book is very simple to understand but very deep, similar in the way the story goes. The story starts with a shepherd boy from Spain who dreamt of a treasure just nearby the Pyramids of Giza (Rostja). He had traveled far and wide across the Sahara Desert while meeting people, all of whom who have realized him the same valuable lessons which the sheep had taught him. He also learned from his surroundings, and the God of the Christians and Muslims. As he traveled, he learns of the treasure not only from outside but deep within. Most of the things that have been said can be compared to everyday life, and that’s why I love it. Also, the book shows how religion, tradition, science, and fiction could be mixed together to form a soul of the story, making the writer the true alchemist of literature. I love this book and I hope that other people who have not read this book would as well. It should be kept into our hearts.


Oh and I ate California Maki today. Yummy!!
And I wanna have Kyosuke Himuro's Wild Romance!! >.<


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