Meh! Bah! Ts...

A soul cries out: Team Rocket! Blasting off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight!
A rhythm recalls: Writhe in Pain/Remix (~Millia's Theme~) - Guilty Gear Best Sound Collection

This year's Christmas Fair in our school was no fun. Kinda deppressing since there aren't enough least for me. The rides suck, as usual. At least, later on, I have the Octopus ride all for seriously. I was the only one there. And it's a good thing they made it better for me to ride on than the last time. Annoyingly, all the Grade Schoolers was to parade right through the lower field after the mass and watched the kundirana and the awarding of the lanterns/christmas tree. For short, they did not dance. Crud! And I was hoping to watch my little friends dance like we did 3 years ago. *pout* The only thing I enjoyed there was that I was free to roam around since there was no Jail Booth (Yay!)

Actually, the original plan was to go to Robinsons and meet up with my old Jap classmates. Unfortunately, since we were going to school late, I wasn't able to. Instead, I just played Bingo with my friend, "Coach."

Then, right after the *sucky* Lantern Parade, my dad called that my niece is to be taken to St. Luke's Hospital because of dehydration from a high fever. My mom and I commuted. We were a bit early so we decided to eat at Burger King first. Afterwards, we visited my niece. Meh! They called that an emergency room? We were there for hours and they did very little. It was about 10-11 PM when she was taken to her room. Meh! My dad and I arrived home at 12 AM.!!

Today was my piano recital. There were some good players. I even wondered why they were placed before me. The boy just before me was extremely good, especially with Beethoven's Fur Elise. Unfortunately, the audience didn't have a chance to make an applause when two (I think two) ladies screamed and fell off the stairs behind us. Good thing I don't have high blood, otherwise I could have died on the spot. Hehe. Well, after that incident, we had a short break. Afterwards, it was my turn and...well, I couldn't say it was good or bad. I had mistakes, most noticably my second piece, The Wild Horseman, which went in anarchy. I did proclaim it that the wild horseman had a stampede problem. Hehe. After that, my duet with my cousin was nice.

Well, that's that. Next fair on February, I hope it to be better than yesterday.


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