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resonance... Adios - SoundTeMP - Ragnarok Online BGM

...and unfortunately, my new update was late. Ehehehehe. Sorry about that. Got stuck with RO again. At least, even if I have multiple characters, let me get stuck with one game for a while. A bunch of MMORPG's just appeared out of nowhere, leading people to nowhere, and here I am playing the same old game realizing that there is something I always wanted to have.

Then again, I miss some old games (or at least from not in this or last year). Such are StarCraft, WarCraft, The King of Fighters, and a bunch more of those (mostly strategy). What I missed the most is...well...nothing. I all miss them equally even though I recenlty playeds Brood War again. Though I wish smeone could hand me that crate loaded with 10 Holy-Hand Grenades. Hehehehe.

Going back to RO, it's not only the game that counts, it's the people. So the more assholesjerks are there in the game, the less you want to play it. Also, the more difficult and you are lazy, you don't wanna hang around much anymore. Good thing I still found a very friendly and fun person in RO. But that's not the only reason I'm still playing. I found a bunch of good BGM's and I want to wait for more. SoundTeMP is getting better everytime they make a new one. Also, my undying thirst for the three Cursed Swords (Grimtooth, Mysteltainn, and Executioner) have come back. So far, I have collected two-fifths of the items for Grimtooth. I also want an Assassin's Dagger to help me with the Attack Speed.

Ok! Enough RO. Let's get back to reality. Anki asked me if I wanted to join in a DeviantART tournament hostedby his good friend Major Moonie. I entered Ueno in. Dunno anymore additional info. I just got in. Aside from that, my cousin sent me a link to a Powerpuff Girl DOUJINSHI. o_O!! Hizocool! Not only that, he (yes, a he) made a bit of a Nickelodeon-Hanna Barberan cross-over. The most surprising and amazing thing about him is that...he's a kinsman. Yep! He's Filipino! Wee! Go Pinoy!!

Other than that, we're back to school...but that's old news already so...


  • At 7:23 PM , Blogger brown eyes said...

    RO na lng ng RO...

    know what bro? chinese new year's coming up soon. this only means one thing...

    weheheheheheheh... ΓΌ


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